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You think Snowden's revelations were big, in this second interview World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes. . .

explains the revolt now going on within the world bank. She puts the pieces of the puzzle together in this radio interview including: Bretton Woods, the FED, the World Bank, the IMF, Gold, Corporate Control, Mainstream Media proganda and the current wars. It's a lengthy interview but definetly worth the time. Truly Stunning Stuff!

Her website with the documents and videos are here:

For verification, here is an independent article by a world class journalist that gives credence to what she is claiming.


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Just one Q

Where is her proof?

I find no proof there of

I find no proof there of jesuit aliens or a world wide banking conspiracy.. Actually I can't find anything. The site looks very bland and mostly seem to circulate around her law office. Can you guide me where I can find any documents to any of her wild claims?

Here is her, website


She has her email and twitter account at the bottom right of the page.

She provides references in the vid but she also says she

answers all her emails and will email documents on request. Her email should be on her website. Also see "karenabcde" post below referring to:

which has a wealth of footnotes and references.

Or better still, see if she would log onto the DP and answer questions and blog directly.

I watched the whole interview

I watched the whole interview but felt that it was ruined for sharing because she delves into her unproven idea that the IMF is controlled by the Jesuits which are controlled by non-human conehead homonids.

Is there a good long interview that doesn't have that jibberish in it? I want to share a good long interview of hers but without the stuff that makes her sound like another David Icke.

She has a wealth of documents,

You can email or twitter, she says she answers all emails and request of documents.


She even said she was hesitant to bring that up

but there are numerous youtube videos just goog her name. The more recent are the best. There is a second part to the one posted where she goes into the 1871 creation of the District of Coloumbia where she talks about the creation of the US Corporation, pretty interesting stuff. Also check out the docs refered to in the OP. She has a lot of inside info I've never heard of but the more I learn the more sense it makes.

I read the article and did not watch the video....the

article is in the form of an interview and it is detailed and enlightening about the media being blanked out in the US by a cabal of five banks. Please read it; it is the most detailed of any article I have seen and goes into all about Germany's gold and the World Bank and corruption helped along with the US gov.



kinda long video... if anyone has listened to it , please summarize.

It really merits hearing out to get the full picture from a

historical perspective. But as I understand it, (and I'm still trying to put it all together myself), the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held at the end of 1944 at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, created the World Bank and IMF.

Since the world's gold supply had been stolen so many times by so many people over the centuries - from Solomon, to the Astecs, to European explorers etc., and to keep the theft and violence from continuing, the World Bank and IMF were given the responsibility to compile, record and manage the gold supply for the benefit of all member countires and their citizens. However, instead of the executives managing it for the benefit of the people, they decided to manage it for their own personal gain.

However, when the lawyers and staff within the organizations began to understand the big picture a few years ago, they formed an alliance with other staff members from other member nations and have started exposing the corruption and demanding the executives return to the original purpose.

The power of this new alliance lies in the knowledge of the original purpose and the corruption which the "powers that be" thought they could keep secret. However, the other countries have gotten together to recitify the situation and put the ship back on it's original mission of benevolence.

The gentlemen's agreement at the first Bretton Woods was to allow the US to appoint the president because they were the largest economy and were trusted by all. However, due to the new alliances from the emerging economies, they recently over rode the gentleman's agreement and appointed someone outside the US.

For the entire organization to continue to operate, (as well as to not expose the corruption), they must rely on the cooperation from all member nations who are no longer willing to remain silent and acquiesce. Thus the PTB now find themselves in an quandary and I'm afraid are despartely seeking a major distraction like another world war! This thing could get out of hand in a hurry.

Here is her website:

For addional corroboration read this about John Perkins who wrote "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"

She mentions all the gold

She mentions all the gold bullion being held in Phillipines, Switzerland, and other but fails to mention the vast amount of gold she claimed in previous interviews all the gold held in Hawaiian bank???


for clarity.