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It's become painfully obvious what they're doing and can be put to words with a single sentence:

Keep the "Internet Candidate" on the internet.

They've done good job. I'll grant them that. NWO, here we come!

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I said on another post: Anderson Cooper Is Not A Man Of His Word

For What Its Worth:

Simple thought that I wrote to this guy Cooper after the so-called debate. Sure, it could have been written better!

A person could see how nervous all of you, the so-called questioners were until Dr. Paul spoke then you all were relaxed! Even your (the media's) favorites were much more comfortable! It was all planned out wasn't it! Amazing!
You all were trying so hard to get it over with, quickly as possible! Amazingly visible, I caught it! HERE IT IS: don't let Dr. Paul speak! Huh!