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What should we expect/demand from this year's election?

Many good people here have noted that the powers that Ron Paul is up against are vast and entrenched. For him to win it will take a persistant and determined effort from everyone of his supporters.

Let us also not get too caught up with worshipping Dr. Paul alone but rather accepting his message as a sound basis for government.

We should understand that if he does NOT win the nomination that the fight is NOT over. Sadly politics move slowly and the American people are skeptical. That said no one should give up or save resources for the future but at the same time look ahead and think about how we can move in the right direction.

Already the other candidates are echoing Dr. Paul. That is a start, although Ron Paul will not conceed on any point and that is important, since he will lose support if he did.

What concessions would YOU all be able to live with?

I think that:

If the GOP are hell-bent on waging the 'war against terror' then they could at least remove all bases from the other parts of the world (cold war, NATO, UN peacekeeping) and return the national guards to their states (also they could reinforce the borders).

Spending has to be frozen and reduced, and not only pork-barrel projects but rather the scrapping/slashing of the DOE, FDA, FCC (since they are not ensuring fair media anyways!), DEA and others.

More state's rights for difficult issues, such as abortion, gay marriage, drug enforcement, stem-cell research.

Competing currency of gold and silver immediately and scrapping of financial manipulation by the executive branch. Transparency in the federal reserve.

Again I do not wish to promote a defeatist attitude, and I am still confident that Ron Paul can win but I am worried that if this tremendous base falters and becomes discouraged then these issues will pushed aside again. I trust Ron Paul and his strategy, but I am sure that he needs his supporters to be unwavering and strong for him to succeed.

So for anyone who is angry and critical of Ron Paul don't be ashamed but if you think to abandon him then keep his platform and keep voting and working for him. Only together can the message keep its strength and move forward.

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