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Todashev’s Killer: No Wonder His Identity Was Secret

Doubts about the already controversial shooting of Boston Bombing figure Ibragim Todashev in Florida last year are sure to grow with new revelations about the FBI agent who shot him.

As WhoWhatWhy previously reported, the case is full of anomalies and part of a larger pattern of harassment against Chechen-Americans who knew accused bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Like everything related to the bombing, Todashev’s killing is swaddled in official secrecy and the U.S. government’s latest report about the Boston tragedy shows there was plenty to be secretive about.

Emerging details about the FBI shooter’s past cry out for further inquiries about the FBI itself. How could they hire an officer with such a history?

- See more at: http://whowhatwhy.com/2014/05/17/todashevs-killer-no-wonder-...

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McFarlane Might Not be a Choir Boy, But Gov Needs SomeTough Guys

[quote]Digging through public records, the newspaper discovered McFarlane had been accused of brutality—twice—while serving as an Oakland police officer in lawsuits that were settled out of court. (McFarlane and another officer were allegedly beating up someone who had already been subdued when they noticed a bystander photographing the incident. Then they attacked the bystander.)[/quote]

Love this!

All of Christian Republican America understands the hard cold facts that if we are to keep our children safe from drug dealers and terrorists we have to hire these thugs to do the necessary dirty work like beat agitators with video cameras.

[quote]He also took the Fifth Amendment and later testified under immunity during a corruption investigation into a rogue police unit called “The Riders” whose members were charged with making false arrests, planting evidence, and falsifying police reports. The city settled the federal lawsuit for $10.9 million. McFarlane wasn’t charged in that case, or in three other internal affairs investigations, although a prosecutor accused him of being misleading.[/quote]

This is great!

I'll bet you McFarlane was selected for double dipping duty in an FBI spook squad by Sarah Palin herself. Every month they probably send Sarah a list of all the cops and soldiers that have the necessary killer instinct and may haven gotten in a little bit of trouble for being a little too enthusiatic in their jobs without their ski masks on.

She then probably discusses the list of candidates at her Monthly Christian Women's Clergy Response Team meeting with her fellow church ladies. I can hear them now chattering and sounding like pecking hens: "Ooh I like this one. I'll bet he would have no compunctions about dunking heads in buckets of water until they turn blue! Let's give him a no show job and 3 fake monthly disability checks as a signing bonus!"


This is incredible...
McFarlane (the shooter) retired from the Oakland Police Department in 2004 on medical disability after repeatedly injuring his leg and breaking his ankle, securing a lifetime $52,000-a-year pension. Four years later he joined the FBI, raising questions about how he passed both the rigorous background check and the FBI’s physical requirements.

It can't be...can it?

If that's correct it sure

If that's correct it sure appears as though he has been defrauding Oakland taxpayers.




kind people rock