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Dear DP Members: I am a student doing Research on Barry Goldwater Sr. Help?

Hello DP! I am a high school student right now researching on the impact of Barry Goldwater Sr., his nomination in 1964 and how it changed the Republican Party ideologically.

Now, after following the 2012 Ron Paul campaign, I have heard messages of him being comparable to Barry Goldwater. Of course, Ron Paul, being my hero, led me to choose Barry Goldwater as something to research on, his impact on American history would've made an interesting topic, I thought.

So the topic at hand is: Did Barry Goldwater's nomination change the Republican Party ideologically?

I found one good link at the following:

The article from Heritage Foundation gave me a few interesting points: The Republican party, before Barry's nomination, was apparently most an Eastern Party, with men like Nelson Rockefeller(I know some of you have things against that family, but please provide backup if you do) being close to nominated, and the general reaction of Barry Goldwater's nomination was one of shock.

Now, I have to analyze my claim in several ways, do you DP'ers have any suggestions for me? What direction should I take in researching? What sources should I use? Are there any good databases, such as Historians, books, etc that you could recommend me to use? Because as far as JSTOR goes, I found a few articles, but I couldn't really sort them out...

Keep in mind I have to analyze the change on THE PARTY and Goldwater's nominations changed it. Any help would be welcome!

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well, haha, thanks for the help

I think either RP's era would be a bit too far. This is a paper for International Baccalaureate... Actually, the influence that Rand and Ron are having are quite exemplary of Goldwater's Influence. Though I think I would rather stick to the past for the moment.

Alright, I will try to have fun with it, facing the daunt task of digging through archives of information xD(if you have any to mention, now's the time). But definitely find historical fact to back up my assertions.

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