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Are feds trying to run down clock on Kentucky hemp seeds?

"The law-enforcement arm of the federal government contends that importing hemp seeds continues to be subject to the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act."


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The manipulative players in control KNOW that even marginally positive news or results from universities could put their monopolies on fuel, medicine, foods, and more in major jeopardy.

Lets say that sometime in the near future you could choose to make 600 gallons of biodiesel per year from one acre. There would be a sudden demand for the right to buy the many high mpg diesel vehicles from around the world such as the 78 mpg Honda diesel civic or 55 mpg 5 series BMW. Many would soon learn how to make their own bio-diesel from the non-toxic raw hemp seed oil, store it, fill up at home and no longer need the consumerist perishable gasoline. This would drastically reduce the tax revenue stream.

They will do everything possible to stop it at any cost. They know that we currently have 194 million acres sitting idle under the USDA subsidy program, and millions more that are unsubsidized and just waiting to be farmed. I wonder to what extent BIG food, BIG Pharmaceutical, BIG import retail, and BIG rest of the connected elite are quietly making phone calls to their former C.E.O's who now work in the Washington alphabet services? I think we all know that their phone hours have increased.