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Canvassing is not scary

Broward County proves it. Canvassing works. If sign waving and media stunts work at all, it was not even measurable in the Florida results compared to canvassing.

Even if your state is a Super Tuesday state, take a precinct and get as much done as you can, even if you can only make a dent.

It is not scary. I am so introverted I may be autistic, but I only found it scary BEFORE I tried it.

You are So and So from Such and Such Drive. People will not treat you the way RP Supporters are treated in the media or "conservative" forums. They are glad to meet a neighbor.

If you don't have supplies, don't wait around for supplies in the mail or for your meet-up to get together to re-distribute. Print off 30 SHORT letters, multiple letters to a page, describing BRIEFLY

Who you are (So and So from Such and Such Drive who hopes to have time to follow-up with them)
Why you support Ron Paul (3 bullet points)
Where they can go for more info (www.ronpaul2008.com and your contact info)

Punch a hole in each, tie a loop of yarn through each hole, stuff some paper clips in your pocket (for the difficult door knobs) and hit the street.

Print off more letters when you need them. If your supplies come in the mail, use them then.

Save your sign blitzes for 4AM on voting day. Any media blurb right now won't make a dent in the Romney McCain lovefest going on in the media right now. Only face-to-face matters right now. Hit the pavement!

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Get a friend to go along

or a cute kid if you're scared. Or go talk to Seniors in retirement homes----lots of them would love to talk AND they VOTE!!! If you're uncomfortable, just figure out a way to do it anyway. Would it help to have a buddy? Would it help if the people were old? Would it help if you rewarded yourself after 5 conversations?

This is the key to WINNING! We all know it but most people are too afraid to talk to "strangers" So don't be too hard on yourself, just find a way to get started. It will get easier and lots more fun, honest! Post your stories here after! We can Win this!!

LOL! You don't live in my neighborhood.

It can be downright creepy at times. Most of the people in my neighborhood that really wanna talk are usually kind of off kilter and a little wacky. The kind of people I'm not sure if we want on the team, but hey a vote's a vote. South St. Louis Baby! Gotta Love it. BTW I'm totally kidding. I love my neighborhood, Great Post!

You had me at hello...!

You had me at hello...!

I actually felt the same way too prior to going canvassing. Doing more today after work, and as suggested yesterday, I'm taking my small DVD player to show folks RP issues on his DVD (200 more to give out, they're going fast!)

Throw money Ron's way on FEB 1ST! (SIGN UP NOW!) Then go knock on some doors and canvass some more!...