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Who supported Ron Paul?

With the GOP frontrunner in place (for now), the so-called "conservative" punditry will begin the attempt to get in the good graces of the Ron Paul supporters. We've already heard about Farah and Coulter and Larsen. This is just an attempt to try and keep readership and viewership.

Where have these backstabbers-come-lately been the rest of the time? Don't believe their words. They are NOT sincere. And yes, you bet I'm vindictive.

I want to make a list. Everybody give me names as to who supported Ron Paul from the beginning. Who gave him air time? Who of the freedom movement had the proper understanding to deserve our listening time and our money?

I want to compile a list so we can share the info about who walked the walk rather than just talked the talk.

I'll start: Jan Mickelson was good. Lew Rockwell, obviously. Some that were borderline were Tucker, Blitzer, and Cafferty. CATO is out. Andrew Sullivan was good. Buchanon was mixed. I can't think of any newspapers except the New Jersey Star Ledger that wrote positively about the good doctor.

Please consider who you thought was fair and add a comment. I'm going to put together an advocacy list. Let's support the true patriots going forward.

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Did an excellent article for this month. 6 Page spread and he made the front cover. They have done positive pieces on us in the past, but you might call their record mixed.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I voted Ron Paul yesterday !

Yesterday at 8 am absentee ballots were made available for voters of Clark County,Washington, You neednt be a registered Republican here to vote for Ron Paul. I need to tell you all - with the roller coaster of anger/frustration the MSM (old media) and the GOP puts us through- the best feeling is actually getting out and casting a vote! With that one single painless action I was able to say everything from "F-you Frank! " to "Jesus loves RP supporters too ! ", "No more illegal wars!" and "The Revolution wont be televised!". In that one moment I found peace - I highly recommend it- I slept well last night.


an online friend of mine was an Edwards supporter - been working on her for over a week : ) She is now a Ron Paul supporter- if you see the fundraiser dollar count go up $20 -thats her. She owes me $10 now though, but no rush: )

pundits are afraid to admit they agree with rp

face it, everyone in the msm is afraid. if ron paul becomes president & we suddenly get our freedom, liberty & prosperity back, there's no sensational news to report. & all the pundits would lose their jobs.

tucker made 1 or 2 post debate comments last night about ron paul. but he has consistently held his tongue on why he genuinely believes ron paul is right on the issues.

buchanan's sister is working for the romney campaign (i think it's romney), b/c he's always lifting romney's "electability" factor by saying positive things about his looks, his handsome children, his presidental demeanor, etc.

blitzer seems to get a little giddy when ron paul does well on primary & caucus nights, but never goes so far as to say anything positive about him out loud.

enjoy hell, everyone. b/c that's where we'll be living if the ron pauls of the world never get their chance to lead us.

Excellent post. This is the

Excellent post. This is the point where I begin worrying that some less principled Paul supporters might be easily lured to other camps. People like to be on the winning team, it's only natural. We need to remind these folks that the snakes are going to be slithering out of the underbrush, trying to play nice and steal their votes away from Paul.

I'll be voting for Ron Paul in the general election no matter what. None of the other GOP candidates are acceptable, and certainly none of the Democrats are. And even a write-in for Paul would do better than any third party candidate, if we all stick to our principles.

Liberty for Dummies

Let's make a list of politicians too!

John Duncan, Congressman from District 2 in TN endorsed Fred Thompson. Then when Fred Thompson dropped out, many of Ron Paul's supporters in TN called John Duncan's offices asking him to please endorse Ron Paul (they are supposedly friends). And then even Ron Paul himself asked John Duncan to endorse him. Now if Ron Paul asked you to endorse him what would you do? What did John Duncan do? He turned him DOWN! Congressman John Duncan is not a true patriot like he pretends to be. How could he NOT endorse the presidential candidate of a lifetime! With Ron Paul -- The MAN and the HOUR Have Met! John Duncan is too ignorant to see it. Many people is District 2 are hoping and praying that a Ron Paul Republican runs against John Duncan. With friends like him who needs enemies?

Do you have any names of

Do you have any names of people that you think were fair to Ron Paul?


John McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Group