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McCain says "I hate the gooks" -- yesterday!

Why is this guy still getting votes. He said yesterday "I hate the gooks". As Pat Buchanan said recently, McCain is really an angry man. Do we really want his finger on the nuclear trigger. Please wake up America!!!


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McCain's excuse for calling Vietnamese people "gooks" is that he uses that word for the gaurds who tortured him and the leaders.

Well if that is the case, that he hates the Vietnamese leaders and has demeaning words for them, then why is he seen in a photograph with "Col. Bui Tin, a former Senior Colonel in the North Vietnamese Army (he had actually interrogated McCain and other U.S. prisoners) testified before the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs in 1992, McCain did not display that same "pit bull" inclination to attack as he did when the POW/MIA families and activists were testifiying.

During a break in the hearing, Sen. McCain moved to where Col. Bui Tin was seated and warmly embraced him as if he were a long lost brother."


Everyone - please start posting this far and wide on all McCain related news stories and sites. Someone needs to make a video of this stuff.

What about the gook that drew the cross in the sand?

Or the ones he hugs when they come to this country. All he is trying to do is to get the Vets vote. Another trick McClaim is good for that.


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"



over 1100 diggs already (10:53 am, est) - and now a few people placed a warning that this article is inaccurate, which we all know is not.

please digg - don't let mccain get a pass on this.

Article from year 2000

While using the term is bad, the article you referenced was published when McCain ran for president in the year 2000, not yesterday.


I can see it now he will star another war with veitaman

Oh my gosh, if RP ever said

Oh my gosh, if RP ever said anything remotely similar to "I hate the gooks", the media would forever link his name and that statement. I wonder if they will give McCain a free pass on this. Let's hope not.

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The link stopped working.

The link stopped working. Just go to Drudge and it is on the front page in the middle.