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Folks, this is why we are fighting.

Folks, this is why we fight. The people responsible for this need to be brought to justice. I cannot watch the whole thing. I am speechless. I cannot believe people are not outraged that this could happen to people in this world under our American administration. If you ever wonder why the media would not show us the rest of the story from Abu Ghraib, i know why. Despicable! Americans and the world should be outraged!

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I don't care who reports it

Something needs to be done to bring the people responsible to justice. Period. Is this why the CIA destroyed those tapes? I am appalled! Outraged!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant


Not that I'm against pictures or these kind of videos from being shown but the ACLU is ANTI-AMERICAN, their communist, and are doing their best at degrading all of our society! They are to be considered an "Internal Enemy"! How many politicians can recognize an Internal Enemy? So what is their motive?


I can't watch this. Justice needs to be served. We cannot get by with this stuff. It would not even be healthy for whoever did this to get by with it. It festers if it is not caught and brought to justice. I cannot even stand thinking that people have to stand around naked, much less what happens to them beyond that. Appalling.