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Ron Paul Treated Unfairly by Mass Media

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Sun Tzu and the Art of War

Ron Paul's true genius is being unveiled everyday. He has strategically calculated every move to take down the obstacles keeping We The People from seeing the real truth. I swear this man has read and is practicing the Art of War on the current establishment in Washington. Ron Paul files a RICO suit August of 2007 after it's clear the media will try everything to keep him either totally obscure or in the margins. Knowing full well what Nadar went through in his last bid as the Libertarian candidate. The Grassroots are documenting just that and the American people are waking up and taking note--Anderson Cooper you will go down in History as being a traitor. We will continue to fight on, raise above the "dirty tricks" of politics and take back our country. By the way Senator McCain, you are no "foot soldier of Ronald Reagan", we are foot soldiers of Ron Paul and he is the real leader of the free world.