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winning the debate versus getting the message out

this is an open letter for Ron Paul

I am so glad you called out Mitt and McCain out on quibbling over a semantics when they both have the same policy for Iraq. I wanted to scream at the moderators for that, only you did it for me, but more politely.

I do what to point out though that you seem to try to get your whole message out during these debates, where they barely let you get a sentence out before cutting you off. I believe you need to take shorter blows to 'score points', because your message is not getting across in these debates.

Since McCain is the frontrunner, I'll pick on him (besides the others have the same foreign policy as he does.

"Time for some straight talk McCain. Will you tell our seniors that you're going to cut social security to pay for this war? Because that's exactly what's happening through inflation."

If Mitt and Romney are going to get the vast majority of the time talking, you need to put them on your terms. While you've done pretty well in the debates, I believe you can do better. Now that you've wittled down the field, it's time for a knockout punch.

your friend,

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