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Do this 100 ft from every polling station on every primary and caucus....

On every primary and caucus, at all the polling stations. a person can campaign 100 ft from a polling station.
We should do this: my suggestion is to have a big ron paul sign and any literature for people.
A lot of people will be voting and be undecided and throw caution to the wind and vote for someone they barely know.

If we have a Ron Paul supporter, 100 ft in front of a polling station....we can divert 5-10% (conservative estimates) into voting for Paul if given a chance for a "discussion."

This is a mexican gunfight.....we will keeping pulling the trigger to the very end....

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no political stuff

is allowed inside the polling place. try to carry on conversations with people BEFORE they enter the polling place. They will have to throw away or conceal ANY political material, ie slimjims, nailfiles, anything. I know I have been an election judge for 15 years. No shirts, hats, pins ANYTHING will be allowed inside the polling place. That is why talking to people NOW is so important. when people actually get to the polls and are handed info, they will have to throw it away. But, if you want to set up a booth and talk to people before they enter the polling location that would be great. Also, do an exit poll. You could also tell people where RP is located on the ballot. In Texas he is about the 12th (!!!) candidate for president. Let voters know they will have to look at a certain spot to find him. Give them confidence about how they are to go about voting for him. Remind them to check their ballot before the final click.