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Give RonPaulChocolate for Valentines

Is your significant-other a dedicated revolutionary? This Valentine's day put the love in the revolution with a gift of Ron Paul Liberty Dollar Chocolates.

In December we launched RonPaulChocolate.com and we have distributed nearly 20000 chocolates so far and educated thousands of our friends about sound money principle and commodity currency.

All of our profits been donated to the national campaign as well as Operation Live Free or Die. Feel free to email me if you're interested or have questions (or if you're in the Boston area and want to avoid shipping costs).

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All profits?

How large are your salaries? I like this idea, but I see CEOs in charities making mega bucks off of helpless little children (look around Houston for examples) and I don't like it. Salaries are considered a cost and "profits" can be manipulated. If you order from a chocolate company and volunteer your time and those are the only costs-just the actual cost of the chocolates, I'll definitely order from you.


i'm $2200 in debt from this operation though i hope to recover $2800 from selling the 11000 remaining. The difference will max out my donation to the campaign.

the webpage fully details all of the information about our supplier and our finances. i sold bulk to people roughly at cost to resell on ebay. i also gave away 6000 coins to the campaign and to OLFD to resell.

FYI: if i were in it for the money, i'd be selling barrack obama chocolates by now.