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I do not care about the Republican party. I care about Dr. Paul getting elected, whether as a Republican or Independent

If Ron Paul reforms the Republican party, great, but what is important in the short term is we do WHATEVER we can to get Ron Paul a shot of winning, whether it be as a Republican or a 3rd party candidate. I am tired of people saying an independent run is impossible. If we do not do well February 5th (which is really when the 3rd party discussion should start), then we should seriously consider the 3rd party option.

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if you're not a Precinct leader

out canvassing and winning votes and getting voters to the polls, then you're not doing WHATEVER it takes. I personally don't give a rip about the republican party but I do see how the game is played. If we can't get people to be Precinct leaders and canvass which is proven effective, how are we going to handle a 3rd party run which is MORE work? We have 15,000 Precinct leaders covering 14,000 precincts. Sounds great until you notice HQ is asking for 180,000 Precinct leaders to cover the country.

Let's start by doing what they ask.