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Send Anderson Cooper a Message.....

Tell Anderson how you feel about the mainstream media and his inability to monitor a debate.

Come on, don't be shy....


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My letter to Cooper

Anytime truth is spoken it reflects the positive. My comment is simple and will be to the point. Next time you sponsor a debate, why don’t you try letting all the candidates participate. If you wanted to promote Mit Romney that badly, you should have just said so. I would have saved myself the wasted time thinking I was actually going to hear the thoughts of all the candidates, as to what they think the solutions to this county’s serious problems are. I could really give a Sh*t who you want to promote, I came to see a debate. Try getting professional CNN instead of being the FOX NEWS II channel.


The Winds of Change!

I don't really see the point

I don't really see the point of sending floods of messages to the culprits so they can just ignore them. If they wanted to be fair, they certainly wouldn't have ran it that way. Face it, they want to influence the vote. To me, that's messin' with my democracy so let's mess with theirs. :)

I propose printing tons of standardized looking stickers out and placing them on certain products in your local stores. I'm thinking they could say something to the effect of...

. . . . . . . . . . . BOYCOTTED PRODUCT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Warning: The makers of this product are the target of a nationwide (worldwide?) boycott for their support of biased news media reporting, blatent propaganda and unfair political influence in the national elections of President of The United States of America.

Now that is what I like to here

Wheres the sticker guy on this? We need a list of basic consumer goods owned by supporters of the unfair media or war. Great Idea. They will be everywhere.

Call him out and let's see what the troops think.

We definitely need to do something. I spent 3 hours yesterday reading campaign finance regs looking for some form of limit on how much the media can bias without it being called paid support. Long story short is that as long as it's impromptu news coverage, I don't see anything saying they have to play fair.

The minute they get paid for that content, there are limits all over. Well, here's a limit fox/cnn.... we'll just take it out of your bottom line.

Now that is what I like to here

Wheres the sticker guy on this? We need a list of basic consumer goods owned by supporters of the unfair media or war. Great Idea. They will be everywhere.

my comment

You Sir, are a liar.
You told Ron Paul - after cutting him off 15 seconds into his point - that you would allow him to speak to issues at length in 2 questions... yet you allow McCain and Romney to spew on about minutae. Nobody cares about what Romney said about time-tables - except John ("I hate the Gooks" - unless I'm hugging them or preventing families of POW/MIAs from finding loved ones) McCain.
You seemed to realize how ridiculous your 'moderation' made your network look - as you were ashen, pale and seemed scared to death when the debate finished.
I fully expect you to be in the unemployment line soon.
Have fun!

This is what I sent

I stopped watching FNC and thought; you know what CNN has got it down. Your performance was despicable last night. You owe the American people solid reporting and you owe them an apology. The CNN debate was in horrible taste. You completely ignored both Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee.
Anderson you did a disservice to your country.

I sent an email

I sent an email

Original, Organized

I sent this to Anderson Pooper

Has your Mother ever told you how proud she is of you? She lied! As a news caster, you are not a even a freckle on the a$$ of Cronkite. Discraceful! Keep it up, and when the world does go to $hit see if the elite's even rember your name.

Just sent mine, everyone

Just sent mine, everyone should speak their mind.

Please add comments to put

Please add comments to put ur letter in their FCC public files. It may make a difference sooner or later.