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Spread this awsome video before they delete it again

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still crying

what an incredibly moving video...you know some days i think whats the use,,,we can never defeat the elite, they are too all powerful but it seems on those days , someone like you comes along and gives me a good shake.....Martin Luther King and Ron Paul always make me sit up straighter and remember i am an American , this is my country damnit.... when i saw the image of the soldiers coffins lined up i really began to weep because i thought how have i let these brave men and women down,,,,most merely kids out of high school....for them i will continue to go out and wake people up,,,for them and for the innocent people of iraq,,,may God bless us all and guide us through this hell .....

the time has come

The system will be eliminated, latest in 2012, even the Mayan calendar says it!

oliver robert ike