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ALIPAC... hates McCain, Huckabee... supports Romney, Paul

here is the email I recieved today!

Friends of ALIPAC,

Today La Raza (The Race), the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), the ADL (Anti Defamation League), Center for American Progress, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Media Matters for America (George Soros group), and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund) have unleashed a coordinated multimillion dollar public relations attack on most of the leaders and groups in our movement as well as Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and Pat Buchannan.

Their overt plan is clear. They want to smear and silence all of us. We will answer their attack in one week. We will provide you with more info about this LATER!

Their secondary strategy may not be as clear. They know that our movement is very reactionary and that you are likely to respond to threats such as the stimulus check plan and their campaign.


We must keep our movement, our organizations, and our activists focused on bringing down McCain and his new ally Mike Huckabee.

It is clear that Huckabee has no chance of winning the nomination, but most analysts agree he can pull votes from Romney and Paul, due to his pretenses involving illegal immigration.

We need everyone working to warn American voters about McCain and Huckabee. There is still a chance they can be stopped.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the only two candidates that remain on ALIPAC's "No Amnesty" list. We are doing all we can to respect our supporters who are divided between these campaigns and we ask everyone to maintain maximum respect for each other.

Our goal is to get as much information about McCain's outlandish and deplorable pro-amnesty immigration stances out to the voters by Tuesday of next week.

Next Tuesday is "Super Tuesday", when many states vote at once and the victors of the primaries will be decided.

If all Americans knew what we know about McCain, he would not be winning and would be unable to show his face in public!

We hope to issue you an abbreviated talking point list tomorrow to help you.

In the meantime, please check our homepage regularly as we collect and post the most important information about McCain's negative stance on immigration for you.

We need you to take this information and share it with EVERYONE you know including old classmates, friends, family members, acquaintances, etc...

We need you to call in on CSPAN and every talk radio show you can to get the word out about McCain. We need you to craft letters to the editor, in the hopes of getting them printed before people vote next Tuesday.

Our allies in the media and on talk radio are all focusing their attentions on McCain and Huckster. Even Rush Limbaugh has stated that either of these candidates winning the GOP nomination will likely destroy the Republican Party.

The objectives of our opposition are clear.

They want to assure that our choices in November are McCain and Clinton. They are about to spend millions of dollars smearing anyone that stands up against illegal immigration by attempting to falsely discredit them as a racist xenophobe nativists who are spreading false information. They want to silence those of us who speak out. They want to distract our attention, during a critical time in the elections.

Let's keep all eyes focused on blasting the McCain record and his Mexican con man Juan Hernandez.

We are in a hell of a fight! Call the Presidential campaign of your choice, send them a check, get their yard signs, volunteer on the campaigns, warn your folks, get on the airwaves to spread the word, get our people to the polls!

Rally our troops to action! Stand together and stand fast! Despite our disagreements on candidates and other small details, remember that we are all standing up for the same thing!

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

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Go Visit ADL site

and check out what it has to say about "tax protesters" and "militia groups"......you'll be very, very angry!!!!!!

Don't intend to distract from camp.

This is yet another group(s) working against us...we must tripple our efforts!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think they are

I don't think they are working against Ron Paul.. Ron Paul is actually on threre support list with Romney.. they are sitting on the fence because they don't want to alienate potential contributors..


comment above yours is talking about the several groups mentioned within the actual newsletter-La Raza,ADL,etc. who are working against 'anti-amnesty' candidates. [ie,RP]. The group who wrote the newsletter supports RP and Romney.