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Pls realize this is it!! Donate tomorrow and make sure everyone you know do to!!!

Ron needs the money, and it´s well spent money, no matter what, this movement will continue to grow. It is unstoppable, if you keep funding it.

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We can do this

Ok here is a success story to build morale as we go into the money bomb. My wife and I recently joined the campaign less than 1 month ago. Since then we have donated $200 and have shared the message with 8 family members who are also onboard with Ron. They will be joining us for a family donation tomorrow for $1301. If we ask our family and friends to donate they will but make sure you pick the money up and mail it for them or sit with them and help them make that donation. Many people love Paul they just need some encouragement. Once they have some skin in the game they begin to study the person they donated to and become fervent lovers of Dr. Pauls message. So lets continue the fight and gather the necessary funds, the success of this money bomb will help propel us into Super Tues and ring in the ears of our opponents. Good Luck!!

509 new donors


30 minutes...!

It would be nice to get to $4mil. But who knows. We will see. I like to keep the EXPECTATION low. Thus, not much room for getting mad or upset.

Handed out over 400 flyers on foot today. Lors of meetups in NJ are handing out flyers and we place an ad in a small newspaper 5K distribution. Gonna hand out another 400 before super tuesday.

I am going to get some family members to donate tommorrow.

Started off with none of my family liking RP. Now... most do and they will be voting for him. Total of FIVE new votes right there. Also, have them talking to others. lots of good chatter on the ground. NJ is gonna be a tough egg to crack. Second would definitely RAISE some eyebrows. We will see. A Maine victory would be nice but I dunno about the legitimacy of caucuses. Look at LA. ya never know though. Maine seems very independent and strong minded. Could be less room for intrusion by outside sources.

We will see. DONATE! Boots on the ground.


Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?


I wasn't going to be able to donate tomorrow, Feb. 1st or so I thought before that last CNN Debate. Money is extremely tight, I've fallen behind on some bills, my refrigerator is practically empty, I'm sure glad I bought that 80 pounds of dogfood last week for my 4 dogs, I wonder if they mind sharing LOL jk. I'll scrounge around Thank you CNN

I'm forcing myself to Donate Feb. 1st It'll be atleast $51. Freedom is well worth the sacrifices.

"We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." Abraham Lincoln

I'm maxed out on the primary campaign donations

Can i donate to the Presidential campaign?


I'm not quite maxed out --my maximum is $4,600 because I'm married. Once I'm maxed out (which will be very soon), I will begin donating in one of my four children's name. You can donate in one of your family members names (i.e. Mom,Dad,brother,etc.). Whatever you do, please, if you are financially able, DONATE Feb. 1st!!

I get my friends to donate

Be creative.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

cant you donate in the name

cant you donate in the name of your family members?

I don't know

And I don't want to jinx it.

Bump! Let's hit'em hard at

Bump! Let's hit'em hard at midnight! Momentum is the key to a successful fundraising day!

pls donate and call

pls donate and call everyone, contact all meetups, use blogs and youtube

Ron needs the money, and

Ron needs the money, and it´s well spent money, no matter what, this movement will continue to grow. It is unstoppable, if you keep funding it.