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Ron Paul gave me high blood pressure

I was unaware of Ron Paul in 2008 - as I had just begun graduate school and, so, was focused on my studies. However, once I first heard the Doctor speak early in the last primary season, it was only a matter of days before I joined a local Meetup. It wasn't long after that that I found myself waving signs in freezing cold weather.

Once it was clear that the Establishment wasn't going to allow Dr. Paul to win their game (circa Rand endorsement), I began helping the Gary Johnson Campaign so that I would have a medium to continue spreading ideas. After all, that's what this thing is about - ideas.

Soon, I found myself reading, thinking, and writing a hell of a lot. For instance, I've written in the neighborhood of three hundred articles on the Daily Paul and have also contributed at the Lions of Liberty website. I've even written a short ebook on economics. I've spent a lot of time thinking about and saying what I've wanted to say, and I haven't been shy.

When you are displeased with a person, it is often only necessary to voice your beef one time rather than harping continuously. After a while, there is very little to say that hasn't already been said. An effective way to communicate displeasure after you've already went through your spiel once is to simply say, "You already know where I stand on that issue." That said, I think everyone knows where I stand on the issues.

While I credit my problem solving ability largely on a long attention span for things which interest me, I never linger on a single problem forever. Liberty has taken up a lot of my time over the last few years. Soon, I will finish graduate school and get a job - where, hopefully, I will be able to afford to spend a little more time drinking cocktails with friends and enjoying life in general. It's easy to let the things you dearly love consume your life to the detriment of personal happiness and fulfillment.

While I will still jest to cashiers on the subject of counterfeit FRNS, I don't plan to continue writing about politics. It's never been my intention to gain notoriety or the like. I've never been a fan of popularity contests. That's what allows me to be so candid.

Effective communication is the answer to many of the problems the world faces. The destruction we see today, whether perpetrated by a state or an individual, is largely due to poor communication. In modern times, the language of "diplomacy" is riddled with ultimatums and threats of war rather than genuine discussion. It's not surprising. Whether public or private, schools rarely teach verbal communication - but typically leave each individual to learn on his or her own. Thus, communication is often viewed as an art - hence terms like "gift of gab" - rather than a skill that can be learned. People can learn, however.

War is expensive - not only in terms of dollars but also in terms lives. So much capital is wasted needlessly on destruction. The words of Abraham Maslow ring true now as much as ever:

"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."

Governments realize the power of communication. The abundance of propaganda makes that point clear. However, there's a hitch. Communication is only effective when a sufficient level of trust is established. This is the fly in the traditional state's ointment - as honesty is the surest way to build trust.

Nonetheless, in my humble opinion, political evolution favors libertarian thought.

Now, I'm going to go drink a beer, have a look at the garden, and enjoy the sun. Perhaps we'll meet again under different circumstances. In any case, maybe stepping away from political discourse will help me get off of this blood pressure medication I had to start taking after discovering Ron Paul.

I bid you adieu,

Derrel Walters

PS - If I had to wish one thing on the world, it would be that people think about what they do before they do it. If your conscious tells you that the action is wrong, listen to it. Refuse to engage in actions that you know are wrong - regardless of who tells you to do it. Standing up for what's right tends to be contagious and earn respect from others. You won't be alone for long, if at all.

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Don't pop a blood vessel, but don't just drink beer either. I've appreciated much of what you've written. Thanks.

P.S. "Governments" don't realize anything. Only individual humans can realize things. So what this indicates is that a lot of individual humans are purposefully propagandizing others.


I've greatly enjoyed your work and commentary here and of course over at Lions of Liberty. I definitely understand the feeling to need to step back - way back, at times. So I encourage you to follow your heart, wherever it may lead you, even if that is away from your political writing and commentary. Just know that the door is always open.

You can voluntarily leave the ark, but you'll always have a key to the front door.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Blood Pressure VS Liberty Movement


RonPaul - you and your followers are unique leaders

Long live - ideas

Much love - DPers

Positive support for Ron Paul ideas! Support from the Restoration and Liberty Movement on http://cristianpaduraru.com

LOVED this!

I just sent it to Carol Paul.

Interview Invitation

Can you please ask her if she is up for an audio interview on Relate4ever Publishing too? Please hear previous recordings http://www.youtube.com/user/relate4ever/search?query=interview

Positive support for Ron Paul ideas! Support from the Restoration and Liberty Movement on http://cristianpaduraru.com

Write down your password!

Real high blood pressure spikes when you can't remember how to get back home.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.