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Can a New Mexico Mountain Save the U.S. Economy?

I don't know if there is gold in Fort Knox, but I am 100% certain there are tens of thousands of bars of gold in Victorio Peak!


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Are you proposing to solicit investors

and try again?

I missed this story

I missed this story initially. It is indeed a fascinating story regardless of its truth.

What an incredible story

Im on google maps right now... that place is in the middle of nowhere! Thanks for posting.

60 Minutes with Dan Rather


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Here's a pretty good report...

This was made not long before we went out to the Peak.

The Unsolved Mysteries...

is even better than the 60 Minutes...Twice I have posted the Unsolved Mysteries on Youtube, and both times they took it down. I only have it now on DVD and in my email, and I don't know how to post it to the Dailypaul.

I think there is every chance that it has been stolen--

anyone who was born in the 1950s remembers all the stories about lost gold; so many stories, all in the southwest.

The problem is that evildoers will always find a way to get it; it will never help anyone who needs it.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Approximately 292 bars were stolen...

but the original tunnel and cavern system which Doc explored has been unaccessed since the collapse of 1939.

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Thank you... link

should be working now.