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To you Ron Paul prayer warriors....

I joined you Ron Paul prayer warriors a while back when we agreed to pray for, fast on behalf of and/or visualize victory, safety, strength, courage, wisdom etc. for Ron Paul, his family, staff and supporters. We agreed to join in prayer at noon pacific time to pray these prayers. Are you guys still out there and praying? I believe you are. I know my cell phione alarm goes off at 1:55pm every day so I can prepare to pray at 2pm central. I fast on Thursdays. I just want to hear from you. I believe our prayers are being answered and I am encouraged. Not that I haven't had moments of discouragement. I just get back up and do my part. I contribute, I ran as a delegate, I sent out a mailing to 2,500 individuals. I have signs out in my yard and at two friend's businesses in town and locations in another state. I will contribute tomorrow to the Anniversary Fundraiser and I will sign up to be a precinct captain. I will sign up to call SuperTuesday states today if they can use my help. So, can I hear from you?
God bless Ron Paul and every Ron Paul supporter!

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I believe in the Secret

So, I try to always remember to visualize at the right time. However, I often forget.

Thanks for the cell phone alarm idea. DUH! I shoulda thought of that. Now, I won't miss a day. =)

I'm not religious but, I believe that the thoughts we have manifest themselves in our lives.