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Saturday Night Live's opening sketch on Bergdahl

I found it so ironic that the Taliban didn't have a green light to use as a signal as the USA requested. Instead, all they could come up with was a white rag on a stick. Does that tell you something? I can already see the SNL sketch with:

The USA suggesting:
A green light.

Vat you mean, greeen light?

You know, a light with a green lens on it.

Only lights ve know are candles, wick in middle of yak fat.

Look, you can go to any K-Mart & get a green light like this, from the Martha Stewart Collection!

Vhat iss K-Mart? Is like bazaar?

Uh, yeah. Too bad we didn't know you didn't have any green lights. The Pentagon's got thousands of 'em.
Good ones, too! Cost over five grand apiece.
Lessee, what can you use for a signal? You got an I phone with a light? A laser pointer? A cop car light?

Ve got rag.

A rag?

Yes, I take off turban, put on stick, wave around bunch.

Okay, but it better be white, like the Tommy Hilfiger Hampton Collection. You can get his line at Macys.

Vhat iss Macy's?

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Thats funny but SNL has more propaganda and less humor

Obama: We just freed an American hostage!
Chorus: Hurrah!
Republican: What? How did you do that?
Obama: Well, we arranged a prisoner exchange with the Taliban.
Chorus: Hurrah.
Republican: What! how dare you? theres a law against that!
Chorus: Boo!
Obama: There are laws against bribery but your pockets are stuffed with money.
Chorus: Hurrah! (outrageous laughter)
Republican: How dare you negotiate for prisoners with terrorists?
Chorus: Boo.
Obama: You mean like Reagan traded arms for hostages in the 1980s?
Chorus: Hurrah!! (outrageous laughter)
Republican: How dare you compare yourself to Reagan!
Chorus: Boo.
Obama: Reagan is old school--old white man school, just like you! Now stop injecting race into every issue!
Chorus: Shame! Racist! (chorus drops their microphones and cameras and chases republican off stage with pitchforks).

Like Captain Hook in "Hook"

You're Peter? My great and worthy opponent? No! Smee, who is this impostor?

These are the guys we're supposed to have been shaking in our boots over.

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