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The Winning Strategy - Ronpaulist Manifesto

I just created a 15,000 words Ronpaulist Manifesto. There are 12 chapters, one introduction and one foreword.

I choose to launch this site with a forum submission with dailypaul.com because this is where I go every day.

Here is the link to my new site: www.ronpaulistmanifesto.com

Here is the introduction to my site:

First of all, I insist to call myself a Ronpaulist, not Paul head, not Paulard, not Paulite, not Pauliac. The reason is simple. Ronpaulist implies Ronpaulism - a belief, a theory, a school of thinking and an action plan. I advice we all call ourselves Ronpaulist. And we insists to be addressed as such.

If Ron Paul supporters don’t believe in Ronpaulism, don’t act like true revolutionary Ronpaulists, there is no hope for the success of Ron Paul Revolution.

Which revolution succeeded with supporters watching the events to unfold and not take drastic, decisive, heroic actions?

Alright, what can Ronpaulists do to actually make the RP Revolution happen? An action plan. What kind of plan that’s more powerful than the Money Bombs? A manifesto. All revolution comes with a great manifesto.

Let’s assume we have this Ronpaulist Manifesto written, and voted and signed into existence by 100,000 Ronpaulists. Would it mean more to the American citizens than 10 million dollars? I believe so.

We all know what web 2.0 can do to promote an idea. Let’s imagine 100,000 eager revolutionary Ronpaulists each putting his/her comments ‘n bookmarks through all the Web 2.0 sites with links to the Ronpaulist Manifesto. Would it generate the buzz of the month, if not the year? I believe so.

With 100,000 seeds in a Web 2.0 campaign, it can reach 100 millions in a very short time, I think.

Ron Paul's national campaign has the money (and legitimacy) to promote this manifesto too. It has the right to hold press conferences or issue press releases. The Ron Paul meetup groups can meet and announce the manifesto in every major city. The manifesto would not be limited to an internet sensation. It can break into mass media very easily.

Unlike money bomb that’s for just a day, the Manifesto would have long lasing effect.

With a manifesto in place, we can send emails to everyone we know of and say just ‘Google Manifesto’. Frankly, an ad that promote 'Google Manifesto" would look much more mysterious and intriguing than mentioning Ron Paul's name. We’d own the word ‘manifesto’ at least for a full year.

The benefit of such a Ronpaulist Manifesto is obvious. But there is one little problem. This manifesto needs to be totally original. It should absorb the immediate attention of its readers and it should impress a good percentage of people that lay eyes on it. It needs to argue so forcefully that it leaves the reader with no doubt of the great benefits and salvation a Ron-Paul presidency will bring.

People don't follow the ideas of idiots. Our support of Ron Paul makes sense to others only if we can demonstrate our knowledge, intelligence, good intention and full understanding of the subject matters.

We need to be able to refute any anti-Ron-Paul arguments with the utmost believability and clarity.

Only 100% new concepts that’s so compelling, so irresistibly logical, so paradigm-shattering, with such urgent call to immediate action would people pay real attention to its message.

That’s the only way to create the buzz and catapult the momentum sky-high to influence the outcome of the primaries and the nomination process.

Besides, this manifesto needs to be written with more stories, metaphors, historical lessons and less dry theories.

We need to allow people to grasp the Ron Paul messages quickly and readily. We need also to allow people to visualize of the immensely different outcome of a Ron Paul presidency and a non-Ron Paul presidency. That is the only way to prompt people to act, I believe.

The task of writing a Ronpaulist manifesto is Herculean, to say the least.

And the most important task is that we've got to get all Ronpaulists to approve it. Only with mass approval would this manifesto carry intellectual weight. Otherwise it's the idea of one, no credibility.

If money alone does not impress the world enough, we need to show what we collectively think and believe. Ronpaulists are well known for their diversification. The crystal grown out of that immense diversification is, therefore, much more difficult to materialize than the robotic shouting of 100,000 men and women with the slogans like 'go Ron Paul' or 'I am for Ron Paul'.

Once this crystalization does materialize and a great manifesto is written and approved by most of the Ronpaulists, its force is going to be ground shattering.

It'll, first of all, allow the spreading of Ron Paul messages to be condensed to a single document. It'll allow the verbal explanation of the intricacy of Ron Paul's idea to become story telling and history reciting i/o arguing with theories nobody really understand.

And it will arouse the curiosity of everyone that's remotely interested in politics or presidential election. All the for-Ron-Paul and anti-Ron-Paul guys and gals have to read it. Or they risk becoming irrelevant.

By the way, this manifesto has to be so powerful in its arguments that it needs to blast away not only the likes of McCain, Romney, Huckabee, but also Obama, Clinton and Edward.

It has to be the ultimate weapon that wipe out every other presidential candidate.

It is a mission impossible, if Dr. Paul's ideas are not the real things.

But those ideas are real. We only need to detonate them and allow them to blast away all the false arguments. There can't be real powerful Ronpaulist Manifesto without the underlying real powerful Ronpaulism.

I sensed the utmost importance of this undertaking. I secretly hope someone else is going to do it for us, the Ronpaulists. But the clock is ticking. I was finally convinced that I cannot wait any more. So I took it upon myself to write this manifesto.

I used every ounce of my wits and knowledge, every gram of my heart and soul. I completed it. In one week of my writing it swells to a 15,000 words 12 chapter mini-book. I am proud of what I accomplished. It's a masterpiece.

I thank Dr. Paul for the insipration. I thank all the Ronpaulists for giving me silent encouragement every minute.

I fully understand the frustration of each true Ronpaulist that we don't have enough weapon to blast the ways for Dr. Paul and send him to White House.

We see one day goes away without major breakthrough with an aching heart and wrenching soul. The kind of anxiety is palpable every time I login to one of the Ron Paul site. I can't stand it no more. So I did what I can.

Now I urge you, my deal Ronpaulist comrades, to examine this document solemnly. It was not my words that were written down there. It was my interpretation of the Ron Paul's messages. And believe, they are the greatest messages there are.

And if it happens to please you, please approve it so that you'll become a co-signer of the manifesto. We'd then be one step further to see our revolution realized.

Here are the titles of the 12 chapters of Ronpaulist Manifesto

Root of Ronpaulism
Chocolate Cake on the desk
Sun Tzu, Opportunity Cost & 10th Commandment
Stupid Chinese Monkeys
A Tale of Two Wolves
3 Virgins, Garage & Uncle Wu
Google, brand USA, Japan’s Biggest Problem & Coca-Cola
Gardener, Parrot, Hunter & Stray Dog
Magic Mannequin Touch & the Pot Repairer
Certifiably the Dumbest Consumers Ever Lived & McCain’s Soul
Abortion, Phosphates, Eye Lotion Formula, Religion & Turfism
Racism & the 100 Year Blessing to America

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