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Ok last time I was at the offical Dr. Paul presidential website, there was 15,345 precinct leaders. THIS IS UNNACCEPTABLE! If we, and yes I do mean WE, if we do not get this nomination, it won't be because of Dr. Paul not trying hard enough. It won't be because of the MSM. It will be because of us. Already this quarter 46,868 people have donated money. I know that number was ALOT higher in the fourth quarter of last year. And I KNOW that there are MILLIONS or Dr. Paul supporters accross the USA. SO WHY THEN DO WE ONLY HAVE 15,345 precinct leaders??? We should have ZERO problem getting 180,000 precinct leaders for Dr. Paul. We should have more precinct leaders than we know what to do with!!! Get on the ball people before this whole dream of taking our country back slips through our fingers!!! Double your efforts!!! I am canvassing like a man possesed here in Minnesota. THE ONLY ONES TO BLAME WILL BE US!!! GO! GO! GO! ronpaul2008!