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Regulations and lack of community pushing Ohio seniors into nursing homes

Home health care is a blessing of an industry. It can provide the supplement to care that can make the difference in whether a family can still care for a senior at home or even for the the senior to continue living independently.

I've also seen the community that springs up around the mission of caring for seniors. I've seen a home health care company informally take on the mission of coordinating a community to ensure seniors are being checked on during a widespread power outage. There's so much that goes on on and off the books that improves the lives of seniors in a way that the model of visiting doctors' offices and hospitals just can't.

I had heard the additional regulations coming with Obamacare would impose additional requirements that will cause smaller home health offices to close. But here we see even one of the large programs in Ohio will be forced to close by the state of Ohio's meddling.


Get to know your senior neighbors. The nuclear family model has separated families across thousands of miles and sometimes just a little bit of care can make the difference in keeping a senior out of a nursing home or from living a poor quality of life.

Seniors can be stubborn! Sometimes you have to ask to learn about that wound on their foot they've been ignoring because they don't have a ride to the doctor or you have to beat them out to the curb to get their trash cans so they don't fall doing it. A better way to handle an ailing neighbor's trash is to retrieve it daily so they don't ever have a heavy bag to handle.

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Destruction of family is why.

Destruction of the traditional family is why nursing homes are so popular. No need in taking care of your elders, just send them to a nursing home to let someone else do it.

Once again though it is not a conspiracy or anything like that. This is just another example of cause and effect of a confused and faithless society.

Amen on that, your words and

Amen on that, your words and sentiments are on point. Another breakdown of the family is that many parents don't invest enough love and caring into their children, which builds the bonds tight enough to make the kids want to take care of their parents when they get old.

You should love you kids and take care of them anyways, but a person is also making an investment in there kids. All of these loonies that go on rampages with guns, never got enough hugs as kids.

I hear people often try to propose the notion that kids can turn out bad in spite of having "good" parents, I think that is horse crap, and not owning up to the biggest personal responsibility someone has.

Having a welfare state creates an incentive to not invest in one's kids, because they count on the government to take care of them when they are old.

Actually it's not true.

"I hear people often try to propose the notion that kids can turn out bad in spite of having "good" parents, I think that is horse crap, and not owning up to the biggest personal responsibility someone has."

I personally know of families who have "bad seeds". There are many possible reasons that do not include bad parenting especially since all the other kids seem "good". So to imply that all bad kids are a result of bad parenting is not true. Mostly it is outside influence that is the cause in these situations. My brother is a good example who was introduced to heroin by some Mexican bastard who him and the other kids affectionately called "grandpa". The rest is history.

Usually if it is a parenting problem then the whole lot is messed up or the "good" one will be the exception instead of the "bad" one. IMO

Other than that I find your comments spot on.

Different children have

Different children have different needs. If a parenting style or certain level of effort is adequate with 4 out of 5 kids, it doesn't mean the 1 out of 5 is just "bad". This doesn't mean that the parents weren't trying, they may be well meaning people that are simply ignorant of that one child's needs. Failing to mold a child into a well adjusted adult doesn't mean you are a bad person, It means you lacked sufficient parenting skills, either because of ignorance, laziness, or ego.

A supportive and loving (not dictitorial) parenting style, will outweigh negative outside influences. How old was your brother when he tried heroin the first time? Didn't he receive drug education?

My 4 year old boy will get a sex talk before puberty, and a drug talk as well. I know a lot of parents are not comfortable with those conversations, but my son and I are, and will be, close. My upbringing was crappy, so parenting is easy for me, whatever my parents did, I do the opposite.

My own personal best parenting asset is that I am humble and introspective enough to be honest with myself about my weaknesses. So many people are ego driven as parents.

You cannot discount outside influence.

I could talk about how great of a parent I am because all my kids are, well, "good". But I am not going to run down my parents or someone else's parents because ONE of their children succumbed to societies dark side.

Let me reverse it for you. I know some families who's kids are awful and they are obviously bad at parenting yet they have one kid who seems normal, well adjusted and successful. Now if bad parents can produce a "good" kid then you have to admit that good parents can raise a "bad" kid.

I agree that honesty IS the best policy. Not only being honest with ourselves but more importantly being honest with our kids. The bad thing is that I don't think many parents know what is honest.

my wife...

my wife has been an STNA for many years, she stopped working at the nursing home and now works under the table to provide some minor home health care for some people we know. showers\ etc..

that is the way it's done.. keep them out of the nursing homes.


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