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Bergdahl: I have a theory

I have a theory: Bergdahl is nothing but a political football. Nothing, for or against the man, is accurate. The story is being whipsawed by the Dems and the Repubs for political gain.

Obama was in a tough spot. He couldn't bring the prisoners in Gitmo to trial because the evidence is so badly tainted and the rules are so unfairly drawn up, that the prisoners will be perceived as innocent in the eyes of the world...making their 12 year imprisonment a travesty of justice. So he cannot bring them to trial. He needed to find a reason to let them go, especially the ones who had the poorest quality evidence against them.

Additionally, Obama was being savaged for his administration's handling of the VA and he needed a quick success to prove that he was looking out for our soldiers. Bringing Bergdahl home at this time would re-write the news spin in his favor. Sensing Obama's desperation, the Taliban cut a hard bargain, and Obama succumbed...anything to take the VA debacle off the daily news cycle.

The Republicans were, of course, furious. They hate Obama more than they love the troops, so they couldn't abide that Obama pulled off a pro-soldier move by bringing back one of our own. So, the Republicans first of all were angry they had not been notified of the prisoner release, then they were glad Bergdahl wa coming home but thought he swap was a bad deal, and then, to steal all of Obama's thunder, they claimed Bergdahl wasn't deserving of being saved.

Their evidence? Statements made by other members of the unit Bergdahl was in...the same unit that was noted for having poor morale and poor discipline. After Bergdahl's disappearance, many members of the unit were required to sign agreements that they would not talk about Bergdahl. However, the Republicans found plenty of them talking and apparently unconcerned about the agreement they had signed. The Republicans repeated over and over again any and all comments negative about Bergdahl...loner, odd, talked about weird stuff, left a note critical of the U.S., etc. They also blamed Bergdahl for the deaths of six other soldiers, despite that it was Obama's 'surge' and the Army's attempt to pacify Afghanistan that made the year Bergdahl disappeared the bloodiest of the war. The troop movements were apparently not related to finding Bergdahl since it seems from Army reports that they had a pretty good idea where he was much of the time, but that fact was not part of the Fox News reports, nor was it included in any of the righteous Republican speeches.

Other soldiers, in the same unit, said Bergdahl was a committed soldier, regularly trained, did not participate in vice, read during his off-time, and was enthusiastic about helping the Afghans. They did not remember any note or other post-disappearance oddities. But these stories did not get repeated endlessly. Indeed, they barely got mentioned in the press, and never by the Republicans.

Additionally, a 'secret' report on Bergdahl was made public...so much for secrecy....that asserted Bergdahl participated in his own captivity with some degree of willingness. Who vetted the sources, who wrote the report, and who leaked the report is unknown. But no matter, it made the 24 hour news cycle, and gave the political pundits lots to sneer about. According to Obama's enemies, Bergdahl is not only a bad soldier unworthy of saving, but his is a traitor unworthy of living. The 'secret' report, so conveniently made un-secret at just the right time, smacks of lies, like the Yellow Cake memos, the mobile bio-labs, and the laptop with Iranian nuke secrets. But the pundits and the Republicans are so intent on hating Bergdahl in order to discredit Obama that the 'secret' report is accepted as true-beyond-a-reasonable-doubt without so much as a single braincell left open for any skepticism.

In the meantime, not a word has been heard from Bergdahl. He is apparently in good physical health (despite Obama saying the urgency of the swap was because Bergdahl was ailing). He is at a military base in Germany undergoing re-assimilation and preparation for seeing his family, and eventually facing reporters. In the meantime, he has no idea the firestorm raging around him.

By the time he speaks, will it matter? Will the Republicans have successfully destroyed him so they could wound Obama? Will Obama toss Bergdahl aside like a dead-body shield, no longer useful. And where will that leave Bergdahl, a young man who has no idea of the crossfire he is about to walk into?

I have one more theory:
Bergdahl was known to take seriously his mission to win the hearts and minds of the Afghans. He was also known to spend time with the Afghan Army unit that was tasked with providing security for the American unit. When Bergdahl was on guard duty that fateful night, might he have gone around the razor wire (which did not completely surround the American encampment) to do what he always did and fraternize with the Afghans? Might someone, one or more Taliban infiltrators in the Afghan Army unit (a well known phenomenon) have taken the opportunity to abduct Bergdahl? What a prize to bring home to the Taliban! They could just as easily have shot him, as the infiltrators had done throughout Afghanistan, but abducting him was so much more valuable.

Awaiting Bergdahl's side of the story to prove me wrong.

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"He needed to find a reason

"He needed to find a reason to let them go, especially the ones who had the poorest quality evidence against them."

That's where you lost me.

I think this is just another exercise of president Obama's attempt to destroy the rule of law in America.

This situation was supposed to go through Congress. It didn't.

But most glance over that astounding fact as if it doesn't matter.

Obama ignored the law, and Congress - AGAIN.

Shouldn't that be the big issue?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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But doesn't the President

Have Article Two powers that he can exercise? The Constitution reigns supreme. I know he signed the bill into law but he is the Commander in Chief. I think this is actually a move he should be allowed to make, but I'm no expert.

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I think Obama might be able to make that argument

Obama always includes "signing statements" that assert he will follow the law, except if it impinges on his prerogatives as President. As Commander-in-Chief, it seems clear that he would have jurisdiction over a military installation during wartime.

I believe no other prisoner swaps have ever required Congressional notification.

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Good work

I think you've summarized the situation pretty well. He's a political football. Bergdahl is a pawn, used by everyone to joust.

He's the man.

The Republicans Don't Actually Hate Obama.

All Political Theater.

It's a Big Oligarch Party -- and YOU ain't in it!

LOL at the stooges.



beat me to it, not with the picture, but with your words.

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