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Widespread US Police Surveillance Is Happening In Total Secrecy

Data obtained by The Wall Street Journal suggests that "electronic-surveillance orders have increased over the past decade and that the vast majority remain sealed."

Thousands of government requests for electronic surveillance in connection with criminal investigations remain under seal long after the investiga tions have ended, Jennifer Valentino-Devries of The Wall Street Journal reports.

The practice is unlike nearly all other aspects of American judicial proceedings, where courts have held that search warrants eventually should be made public.

The thing is that getting permission for electronic surveillance techniques — including tracking metadata and gathering all cellphones connected to a cell tower — is easier than getting a search or wiretap warrant.


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Rewatch the movie Enemy of the State

filmed in 1998. If you have not watched in a while it is actually quite a revealing film about the level of sophisticated surveillance that was already in place as early as 1978 and was interconnecting all levels of law enforcement. That was over 30 years ago so you can just imagine the level now.



Movies reveal the tech from 10 years prior, almost as a rule.

Watch Three Days of the Condor (from 1975?). It's the theme of the entire movie. And if that was out in 75, it was showing tech in place as early as 1965.

Watch it and think about that.


Remember too that Hughes and other military industrial entities are the ones who created all the platforms for current tv technology with the satellite aspects and embedded camera and audio technology. The entire design process and release of this technology was intentional to gain access to our lives in the guise of giving us a better world.


Another problem,

is the magnetic strip on the back of your license. When an officer runs your license, it now pulls up the names of all the people you associate with...I wonder how this information was obtained?

I know for a fact that at least two

of my motorcycle club ladies and myself will say 'Member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang' when they pull up our names. When we've gone to Hells Angels parties there are cops all over the place taking pictures and recording license plate numbers.

I suspect that 'Fusion Centers' have a lot to do with connecting your associations.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Along with your

suggestions, Facebook is another data mine field. Your emails are being run through a database, along with phone conversations, tweets, and social media like Youtube.

I cooked the metal strip on my license. Although this doesn't solve the problem, TPTB have to work harder to get my information.