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Ted Cruz Slams Hillary Clinton: She's 'all Politics, All The Time'


"The sad thing with Secretary Clinton, is it seems to be all politics, all the time," Cruz said. "From what we know about this book chapter, it’s pure political spin, and she’s more focused on blaming the so-called vast right wing conspiracy than on the terrorists. The truth shouldn't be partisan.”

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Could you find yourself voting for Ted Cruz?

Not me.

Plain and simple. I wasn't in line to vote for Bush, or McCain, or Romney. When was the last time the Reps had a candidate you would sign your name to, approve of, or even call a "good old boy?"

I couldn't vote for this slick-ster. Romney had a bigger chance than this grease-ball, the public will not attach to this man.

What about Rand?

It cut off

Talking head, ineligible for POTUS but pretends not to know...

Let me get this straight...

1) Very troubled about everything, regardless of which side at which he looks... political winds!
2) travels all over the world, for the US or Canada? At the people's expense... political corruption and self serving!
3) Really hates it when the Paul name is mentioned... political jockeying and envy!
4) Only answers questions he asks of himself... he stands in front of the political mirror and preens himself!
5) An empty suit with puppeteer strings attached all over every extremity, head, collar, buttons...

One could go on, but this fraud is irrelevant to the POTUS!

'Terrist' he says it like

'Terrist' he says it like George Bush. Here is the full interview, interesting, he is so annoying:

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Hey Pot, It's the kettle...

your black!