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Caught on camera: police woman beats man to death while partner holds him down

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Send her to men's prison.

Send her to men's prison.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

For some reason,

when I'm watching that small female cop taking two handed swings at that poor dying man, I think of that old tune; "Take me out to the ball game...." She is truly a twisted sister. It's sad that these sadistic fools are in uniforms with the full support and backing of more powerful sadistic fools.

Commendable Policing?

Although these things are happening nationwide, the land of fruits & nuts is special because of its huge population. Think Rodney King. The government wants the idea of submission visibly put out there so as to retain control. If California were to revolt en mass, the police would be powerless to control it. Expect more of this. Those rebellious minds have got to be changed. The police could care less unless there is a potential money loss, then they will use the corrupt legal system (admiralty) to absolve themselves. I am not condoning this individual's actions, but this could have been handled much better. I'd hate to be married to this female cop. I might not make it. What is the psychological profile of this woman? An important consideration since the government wants to use this as a way to disarm the population. I guess those "Cops" reruns aren't doing it.

Where are this guys relatives and lawyers??


Old news. Here is the outcome.

November 6, 2013
Coroner: Man who died in Sacramento police custody suffered 'excited delirium'

The man who died in Sacramento police custody in May following a violent struggle with officers died of methamphetamine-induced excited delirium, according to the county Coroner's Office.

John Nat Torretti Jr., 42, died May 24 shortly after being handcuffed by officers outside the Metro PCS store on the 8300 block of Folsom Boulevard. The arrest followed a brutal fight with officers, police said.

That week, coroner's officials released a statement that Torretti's autopsy revealed no obvious signs of trauma to the body - an effort to assuage concerns among some members of the public who questioned whether the man had died as the result of excessive force by officers.

Police said at the time that the finding was consistent with the results of their investigation and maintained the officers involved acted appropriately, given the level of Torretti's violence against them.

An employee of the store called police to report that a man there was making "unintelligible statements" and she feared for her safety. Responding officers fought with the man inside, and the tussle spilled outside. Use of a baton and pepper spray did not deter the suspect, police said, and at one point, Torretti overpowered one of the officers.

Officers regained control of the situation after a bystander intervened and kicked the suspect. After officers handcuffed him, they noticed Torretti was unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

According to the Coroner's Office, his case of death later was determined to be "sudden death following violent struggle with law enforcement due to methamphetamine-induced excited delirium."

Excited delirium is a brain disorder typically associated with drug use. Those suffering from it often become agitated and aggressive or violent, and can exhibit unexpected strength. Abnormal brain activity associated with the disorder can lead to sudden death.


excited delirium, cannot be diagnosed via autopsy....

You can measure the amount of drugs in a persons system, but to diagnose delirium after death you would have to use statements of those who witnessed the delirium....the is NOTHING physical which indicates any delirium.... you cannot hold it in your hand... This autopsy should have been performed out of the jurisdiction of the cops that beat him on camera....

Lets create an excuse to pardon ourselves from the heap of

trouble we've got ourselves into! How about we fabricate a condition called excited delirium. Okay that will probably work. Good job team!


If you see the police, film the police!

I'm not sure in this situation but I've seen enough of these videos to form the opinion that much of what is considered "resisting arrest" appear to be acts of self defense. For instance, it's instinctual to move away from threats of injury or reflexively use your limbs to block blows. Thus, "stop resisting" seems to be synonymous with a demand to ignore instinct and stop moving or covering while receiving physical pain.

I find it confusing. Any lawyers here or someone who knows the law enough to offer some insight?

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

When they toss you to the

When they toss you to the ground they expect you to go limp and allow them to slam you with full force. Naturally you are going to tense up and attempt to brace for impact. This is considered resisting. The same goes when they dig their knee in your back while your face is smashed against the floor. Naturally you are going to squirm with someone digging their knee into your back. This is also resisting. These pigs know it is impossible not to resist when they manhandle a suspect so that is how they get away with everything.

The procedure for taking suspects into custody needs to change. The police are doing it more violently every day. They use excessive force when there is little to no threat against their safety. I recall seeing a video on you tube of a black women not listening to police commands and the pig just shot her with a tazer. This woman was no physical threat but the pig got annoyed and decided to abuse his power. There was also another video of an old harmless lady that was no threat at all who met the same fate. Lets not forget the young girl who ran out of a police precinct and was tazered by some fat out of shape pig who was to lazy to chase her. She ended up falling and hitting her head on the concrete. She died. I believe there is also a video out there of police using a tazer on a handicap man in a wheelchair. Oh yeah, and the famous "don't taze me bro" indecent years back. Zapped for asking a question! There are way too many videos out there of police abusing civilians. There are people out there that will eventually snap out (recent shooting of 2 cops at pizza place) and get revenge.

Another one bites the dust

Let me see if I have this right...After the cops club you to death, they then try CPR, if you're still alive, they welcome you to California.
Maybe this is the new method of initiation into planet Earth...like when Will Smith told the Alien "Welcome to Earth" immediately after punching him in the face, in the Independence Day movie...Right?
Welcome to the Golden State...California.
Thanks, I decline the offer, California is another State where I will NOT be moving too. My list of States without police brutality keeps getting smaller and smaller...sigh!

I doubt she's the one that killed him

In that segment he wasn't really being held down. It seems to me that the men beat him half to death until there was no fight left in him. Then the female cop showed up, wanting her chance to prove the size of her manhood as well. The men seem to be leisurely standing around while she gets her pointless baton hits in until she tires out. When she's done having fun, they finally apprehend him.

Just another tax cow beaten to death in California. Nothing to see here.

Picture this

It's a sunny spring day in Mayberry and aunt Bea is walking home from the drug store. As she rounds the corner and passes the barbershop, Barney jumps out of a militarized tactical vehicle and lights in on Otis with pepper spray and a club while Andy looks on with approval. Then after Otis dies from his wounds, Barney gets paid time off and looks forward to spending some time Thelma Lou at Myers lake...
Well actually I'm not picturing it very well because if crap like that happened back then, it wouldn't take no more than one evening, a few pitchforks and shot guns, a few guys with some guts, and that would be the end of that batch of abusive police...

Second degree murder?

OR did she plan to kill him?

AND accomplice to murder.

I'm doubtful justice will be served here... just paid time off.