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I never thought I would see the day in this country...

...when I could be ordered to sign my name to words dictated by the United States government, not to mention words I believe to be false. I've seen this sort of thing on TV where American hostages are giving testimonials with ski-masked, armed captors ensuring that the Americans spoke the words that would spare their lives.

With considerable dismay, I now see our judiciary employing the same tactics that terrorists impose on their victims. Doreen Hendrickson has been ordered to perjure herself, that is to sign her name to documents that say things the government wants said, even though she believe these things to be false.

Seven years ago, Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds (ED Michigan) ordered Doreen to make this false testimony, and to declare that it is her own testimony. Three-and-a-half years later Edmunds added a requirement that the fact that the testimony is coerced and not Doreen's own be concealed (as asked of her by the IRS and DOJ).

[The above is from a post by Peter Hendrickson (Doreen's husband) at his website dedicated to exposing the truth about the income tax and its misapplication. He is the author of "Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America", available at Amazon]:


You may continue reading a permanent .pdf of his post by following this link:

The post may also be viewed in html format, for the time being, in his current newsletter (free, no registration necessary) at http://losthorizons.com/Newsletter.htm
(You will need to scroll down to an article entitled "It's YOUR LAW, People-- But Only If YOU Insist It Be Respected", which is about halfway down the page)

Note: If you want to get the book and support the Daily Paul without supporting bilderberger jeff bezos, the book is also available for purchase directly from the author for $24.95 [compared to Amazon's range of $38.90 (used) to $76.99 (new)]. You could send Michael anywhere from $10 to $50 and still come out ahead.

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I've had personal experience

I've had personal experience dealing with the IRS goons and I have no doubt that this claim is true. I was a "non-filer" for some 20 years and then started filing the "zero-return" that Irwin Schiff devised as a way to address the FACT that a slave tax can NEVER be legitimate no matter what pretty little words they print on paper. It is never legitimate to take someone else's property for your own use or the use of others who have to claim to that property.

I wish my friend Irwin the best and if anyone here ever visits him please tell him there are many of us who support him.

Beware the cult of "government"...

Not familiar with this guy

But the fact that he lost at trial to the govt is hardly evidence that he is wrong. Anyone have any personal experience with this?

Here are just some of the people...

...who have personal experience with this...

(I presume you mean people who have filed returns in accordance with what they learned about the true nature of the tax and the tax laws, rather than people who have personal experience with what the govt is doing to Doreen Hendrickson. I don't think any American -other than Doreen Hendrickson- has any personal experience with being ordered to attest to something they did not believe to be true or go to jail, which is an indication of how desperate the government is to suppress the truth contained in Pete's book).

To be fair...

In all fairness, there are those who encounter stiff IRS resistance to educated filings -particularly among those who have previously followed other so called tax protesters- and for these people the experience can be very unpleasant. I believe these people to be in the minority. However, if you have had prior problems with the IRS you should be prepared for an extended battle, and if you have people who depend on you, you may wish to take that into consideration before engaging the enemy.

But even if you don't feel strong enough to fight, there is no reason not to educate yourself about the true nature of the tax and spread the word to those who are strong enough to fight (if necessary), and certainly no reason not to be outraged at what they are attempting to do to Doreen Hendrickson and to similarly spread the word.

Certainly Words to the Wise...

..to be seriously considered.

Guess it's time to add to my summer reading list, courtesy of the DP, and the links you've provided.

I'll also send a link to John B Wells at Caravan to Midnight.com


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