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Ron Paul - The Film

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BRILLIANT IDEA... kickstart a movie

I think this is a brilliant idea to have a blockbuster movie featuiring the fight of Ron Paul... from 2008 to 2012 election incl everything from delegates getting thrown out, war vetarans standing up making speeches in GOP delegate meetings, to him getting booed at debates, to poeple making signs across the country, to him at airport after leaving florida getting searched etc. ESP HIM WALKING THROUGH THE FOLRIDA CONVENTION WITH THOSE FLOWERS AROUND HIS NECK. HELL EVEN THE PROMPTER.

this must be $20million plus or no point and get Mel Gibson to direct it (yes i know, but no dount about his freaking awesome talent) NO NO NO B, C D GRADE MOVIE PLEASE

We must involve the Pauls, must must be independant otherwise important stuff wil be left out if left totally up to them.

a very dramatic movie can be made... and the movie can be done in the backdrop of the wars and the economic collapse... this can be a very very good movie if enough money and right poeple behind it... no amuteurs.

they can incl real clips of the election fight (very effective if done right as I've seen in other films looking back at real war events for eg)

start a commitee

or something and get a treasurer and get actors that support him to be part of committe as their talents will no dount add to experience required to get funding in industry.

patience is needed as no point starting until you get real money ($20million +) and their will be a return on investment if done properly, if done in true hollywood style without the hollywood dirty fingerprints.

infact all you need is $250000

if you run a kickstarter and get $250000, you can form a company and this will be enough to pay a couple of poeple a salary, and they get about the work needed to form a committee, a business plan and funding. they can start getting the right poeple interest and then you have financial goals to work to, with $250000 you can easly run an operaion for 2 years. unless you hire some fat cat with talent for such things.

Riddle me this Batman..

how about a fat cat with talent AND a deep love of liberty? Could be the perfect storm.