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An Easy Way to Stop the MSM Blackout of Dr. Paul

An easy way to counter the MSM blackout of Dr. Paul has been right in front of us all the time. Question, what do political parties in other countries do when they feel that those in control of the country are restricting their ability to get their message out to potential voters and will fix an upcoming democratic election?? That’s right, they appeal to the World, file complaints and request that representatives from various World-Wide Non-Profit Institutions for Fair Democratic Elections and Individual Countries volunteer to watch over their election process to guarantee that they will be conducted fairly. This bold action should really embarrass the Establishment news organizations and the Bush Administration.
In addition, I would suggest that we point out our complaints, which are very obvious and videos easily available, to the Foreign Press Corps. A Russian news outlet recently did a segment on Dr. Paul and the obvious problems with the Diebold voting machines. I believe that this should be greatly expanded to include the World’s News Outlets. This is the one thing that the Bush administration and the Eastern Establishment would really hate to see. Here they have been out condemning various countries throughout the World for years for not having the same fair elections that they say we are famous for in this country. This alone would force them to immediately reverse what they have been doing for fear that more debate broadcasts would be added and used to make this point to the rest of the World.
One other consequence of this action would be to reap the financial support for Dr. Paul that would come in from all over the world. They too, want an end to our Empire building. From the outside world looking in, they obviously have known this for years. It’s the American populace who is the last to know that their elections have been stolen for many years.

God Bless

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The problem is that the

The problem is that the forces of darkness are global.

There is no one who is going to "save" us.

Great accomplishments are not EASY.

It is up to US to open our eyes, break the chains of enslavement, and fight to our last breath for our liberty and the future of our children.


Can anybody do an International Money Bomb?

Talk about an opportunity for some enterprising soul!

alan laney

Good idea........maybe it's not too late

Albeit, this should have been done about 3 months ago, before Ron got buried in the early primaries, but we've still got a long way to go, and things can only improve. This is a call his campaign office will have to make. So far, they've let him take a lot of hits with no counter-punch.

alan laney

I think this is brilliant...only...

Ron Paul needs someone to raise this flag for him. He can't look like a whiner.

No thank you.

We are Americans. We can take care of our own problems and we don't need to bring further shame to our nation by exposing the corruption that we've allowed. This is on our turf and we will solve it.

Sounds great in theory, but

it's the very ones causing the problems, that should be "policing" the situation.......don't look from help within the US System! You'll be given a piece of cake, and told to go away until this is over.

alan laney

at this point we cant take care of shit

we are the embarrassment of the world. there i said it since it needed to be said. we are irresponsible in finance in military i can go on and on. people are only fooling themselves. take the splinter out of your eyes.

Simple solution

Win by large margins! We know how----canvassing works, it's proven. HQ needs more Precinct leaders than there are of us online now so maybe contact meet-up groups, other forums, think people---we need 180,000 and we have 15,000

Maybe this is a good idea for someone to make a YouTube of! We need to recruit more Precinct Leaders fast.

agree agree

You go and I stay on dailypaul.
I can click all online polls watch YT mail to CNN etc.

Please go.

PS. ofc Im NOT in USA :-)

wrong wrong... :-(

EU have their establishement and THEY DONT WANT RP !
Belive me. We have our libertarian party blackouted even more!

They just have made EU Constitiution (400 pages !) and they don't even plan referendum in countries ! And guess why? "Becouse people dont want it and it would be fail". Get it?

The truth is YOU ARE our hope.... Maybe the last.

God bless you.
Poland for Ron Paul

Amnesty International?

Write them and tell then we are all being tortured by the media!

This is


A fantastic idea, how can we make it happen asap? We know what the results of LA are for real and also the New Hampshire debacle.

This is exactly what is needed.

How do we go about it. And who would we contact? Russia would be a great country to get help from I think.

Keeping everyone honest and all.


Best not be about Dr. Paul

This does not have to be about Dr. Paul. Even Obama and Hillary don't want their votes misconstrued. It could be a general request. Go find friends who support some other idiot and connect with them to make this request. What I wish would happen is that an organization would simply step forward and say, "We can." Then they work out the details to eliminate the loopholes. The way I see it is simply two people at a table all day taking the number of voters and slotting them into their chosen candidate--just 1,2,3 etc. At the end of the day, the count would be finished and a comparison could be made on the spot.


I just invited a Canadian to come down with a group and do a 100% Exit Poll, a Parallel Presidential Poll, a Verify the Vote operation. I think this idea is a great idea and I would love to see it implemented. We need help here. It has been proven over and over and we just keep proving it instead of getting out ahead of it and putting a stop to it. It would take 2 people around the clock on election day in every single precinct. A lot of people, but worth it. It could be voluntary and cost hopefully minimally. But some organization needs to organize it. I approached the third parties and did not get a peep back from them. Another country would be even better. They could use our manpower so they wouldn't have to bring people in. It would be better if our system was totally revamped to be consistant across the entire US. Each ballot with a distinct number. Or whatever they came up with, but tie it down to NO loopholes. We are masters at loopholes.

Thats funny, I was wondering the same thing.

That would be great!!


Great idea!

But how do we go about it? Does the official campaign have to voice a formal request? Who do we or they appeall to? I doubt Dr. Paul will get much help from the UN.

If you can get..

The rest of the planet to report on and in some cases endorse Dr. Paul, that would speak mountains about thier view on Dr. Pauls foreign policy. Can it be focused onto our airwaves though?

Its A good idea

as if our country has any reason to complain about other countries elections,we need to ferret out the corruption in our own system!