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I don't want to pay for gas or electric anymore!

Is that possible!? I don't own the house that I live in. Is there anything that I can do? Or is it a just a lost cause? I would appreciate any suggestions, thank you guys.

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Buy a house.

Buy a house.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


you have the cash



Ever seen the show

Mountain Men? If not..watch it, youtube it, whatever you have to do. And see if you think you could learn to live off the land.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Take the power and water from your neighbor

Only the strong survive. Oh sorry my Communist Russian side is coming out. I mean build your own power and water station. Solar Panels and collect rain water and maybe one of those moisture vaporizers from Star Wars. Of course expect a law suit from Disney if you do :)


Create a religion whereby gas, electricity, water, and other "essentials for modern-day living" must be provided at no cost (as having to actually pay for such necessities is immoral and results in eternal damnation). Religion is the ultimate trump card. Sue the county/state for violating your First Amendment rights to religious liberty if it does not respect your beliefs.

my dad got in trouble for stealing electricity

he tapped into the main to bypass the meter and used it for a couple years. He always thought if he was caught then they would just bill him for it. They did bill him, but what he did not anticipate is that the county got involved and took him to court.

Charges eventually dropped but it was a bit scary.

Solar is the way to go.

depends on how ghetto you wanna get...

If you have a fenced in yard and a few mean dogs, nobody in their right mind will enter. Most gas and electric are on the house or inside.

When I was a kid I saw plenty of people stealing gas and electric. The gas company would come and turn the gas off and people would go back out and reconnect the line. Same with water. Break a lock off and play stupid was the name of the game.

Ive heard of other scams to get free electric but haven't witnessed it. Sitting in a crack house as a 15 yr old kid taught me a lot of stuff. The biggest lesson was to always remain calm. Always. Witnessing true poverty and desperation molded my world view. It exposed the corruption on both sides of the coin.

If you are truly interested.. go to the worst neighborhood in your area and ask around. Im sure every welfare, utility and govt scam is available.

Until then, just pay your bills like every other ethical person. Jussayin...

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul