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Landscapes & Cycles An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism

Hello everyone. I was lucky enough to meet the author of this book on a native plant society walk recently. He is a close friend of my botany/edible and medicinal plant mentors. I was greatly impressed and think you will be too.

"It is always unsettling whenever our best intentions are misinterpreted. After dedicating 25 years of my life to improving the environment I had simply argued that landscape changes, not climate change, had a far greater impact on California's wildlife. I was puzzled that a few individuals who I would otherwise consider my allies could demonize such a viewpoint, but I now understand the problem. They saw climate change through the lens of a globally averaged statistic. I view climate change as the combination of local and global factors, and believe we can only understand climate variability from a local perspective."

"Although it is wise to think globally, all wildlife reacts locally. Always. Understanding local microclimates is our key to protecting our environment."

Jim Steele from his book Landscapes & Cycles An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism.