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Lindsey Graham Avoids Runoff, beats tea party candidates

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham won his Republican primary on Tuesday, cruising past the 50-percent threshold to avoid a runoff against his tea party-inspired challengers.
The 58-year-old senator faced six Republican challengers in the Palmetto State, but none of those opponents got much traction or raised enough money to become viable.

With 56 percent of precincts reporting, Graham was at 59 percent — well ahead of state Sen. Lee Bright, with 14percent. Rounding out the field were businessman Richard Cash at 8 percent, pastor Det Bowers at 7 percent, businesswoman Nancy Mace at 6 percent, attorney Bill Conner at 5percent and attorney Benjamin Dunn with just 1 percent.

Graham has only token Democratic opposition for a third term serving the deep-red state.
Temperamentally, Graham is just not a bomb-thrower. He’s a conciliatory figure with friends across the aisle who often votes with party leaders.

But many tea party activists believe a deep-red state like South Carolina should have a senator in the mold of Texas’ Ted Cruz or Utah’s Mike Lee. They were upset by Graham’s role on immigration reform negotiations, past support for doing something about climate change and votes to confirm both of President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominees. In fact, eight county parties have voted to censure Graham in recent years for working with Democrats.

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If the SCETV Debate had been between just Bright and Graham

then, I agree, Things would have come out differently.

It's a shame, the result of June 10th, but it's not the end of the world....the sheeple will just follow Graham until he shows them the view.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

This was well crafted.

Did Lindsey Graham have unfavorable approval? Yes. Did Lindsey Graham win? Yes. How is this possible?

Here is how...

1. Know your real threat...Lee Bright.

2. Know your voters...seniors, male, white, ignorant, short attention span and psychologically prefer the brand names. (Not necessarily in that order)

3. Indirectly prop up six "candidates" through various channels who will challenge Graham alongside Lee Bright.

4. The six candidate will sound very authentic.

5. All six candidates will go after Graham with everything they got.

6. Lee Bright will go after Graham as well, However, because the voters will see too many unknown faces at once barking at Graham and each candidate have a favorable and unfavorable qualities, the grass root will split into seven groups and the rest (See step 2) will vote for Graham despite not being liked that much.

The non-Graham votes totaled at 41% to Graham's 59%. Imagine if Lee Bright had built a momentum with being the only opposition, he could've easily take another 10% out of Grahams total votes.

Lets face it, Graham won not just because of his money but because the fake oppositions diluted the total votes for Lee Bright.

Textbook strategy.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

Those saying voting was rigged, I'm curious

how again did Eric Cantor lose?

Not saying rigging has never happened but do you seriously believe that Graham doesn't have a bunch of bone heads in his state voting for him for the past couple decades?

$9 Million buys a lot of stupid people, just saying.

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People actually voted for him?

Or did they rig it?

That's what I think, they rigged it.



To those who thought lots of candidates would mean less chance

Lindsey Graham would get 50% on the first ballot. Well you saw what happened. And even if Graham had had to go to a run off - his opposition would have had to do remarkable scrambling to get all the opposition behind him.

There are two basic reasons having a slew of alternative candidates was not a good idea.

#1. No anti NeoCon PAC gave money to boost a candidate because the clear opponent to Graham was not defined. So NOBODY got the boost that could have beaten Graham.

#2. Imagine a wall full of brands of bottles of ketchup. There's Fred's Ketchup. Kool Ketchup. And Humdinger Ketchup. And in the middle of this wall you see Heinz Ketchup. Are you going to bother investigating the unknown alternatives that you have never heard of? No. There are simply too many of them. You will go with what you know. Heinz Ketchup.

But if there was ONE other ketchup and you had heard some good things about it you might consider it.

Swamping people with many choices tends to overwhelm and confuse them and make them go for the one they know. And in ths case it was Graham.

(Given the association between John Kerry and Heinz, maybe I should have used Tide Detergent in my example.)

Agreed. Too many candidates.

Agreed. Too many candidates. His supporters may have been behind some of them. Dilute the field and the message with all of these supposed "tea party" candidates. You're right, in the end, people chose Heinz ketchup.

OK then, it's official---I hope the democrat wins in November.

That would be the lesser of 2 evils no matter who it is who runs against Graham.

Too bad his opponents split the vote so many ways which is why he won.

EFF Lyndsey Graham and all he stands for.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

South Carolina

I hope you get what you deserve. This is the one time we needed your help to strengthen our country, but you decided that your state, your man is more important. You have allowed a traitor, a member of the WDCTG to continue spreading his sins for another six years. This is really something to be proud of. NOT!

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Lindsay Graham

The Nancy Pelosi of the Republitards. His butt cheeks are so firmly welded into his senate seat when he farts his socks swell up.

I have covered this race

I have covered this race extensively on the Daily Paul, so I have a few things to say.

When I heard it was a low voter turnout, I thought we were going to do it. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Some will say rigged. I won't say you're wrong. But I say Lindsey Graham won his election exactly from the Establishment, beltway insider playbook. SC is dominated by the military industrial complex. We have a Marine training base, the premier military college in the south, city of Charleston, and Boeing within the state. Graham is their guy. Lee Bright definitely wasn't. In the debate, Bright was asked, give an example of a tough decision you'd have to make in the Senate, and he came right out and said I would stop subsidizing corporations like Boeing in this state who have a $295 billion market cap.

This is how Graham had $9.3 MILLION DOLLARS. Yes. If you took all of the challengers money combined...then... TRIPLED IT, that's what we were dealing with. If you didn't live in South Carolina, you missed what seemed like a Presidential run by Graham. You had billboards all over the place, paid "volunteers" placing signs all over, and a TV ad campaign that was unprecedented. For a month straight, anywhere you watched TV in SC, you saw Grahams ads every 30 minutes about how he's a conservative, opposes Obamacare, is a Ronald Reagan Republican, supported some bill with Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and while "he's not a Ron Paul Republican, he likes Ron Paul". Nobody could compete with him and counter on TV. He even started sending text message ads to registered Democrats to let them know it was an open primary that said: "Vote Lindsey Graham This Tuesday June 10. Any registered voter is allowed to participate because there is no registration by party in our state." He also had a bunch of college-aged people working with his campaign. No clue what he did, but I would guess they didn't "volunteer" (at least they didn't without benefits attached). But of course, some of these "College Republicans" would love to get on their knees for the Establishment. And they did, because they were cold-calling people on the phone 50,000 times a day (not an exaggeration, official number from Graham campaign).

Lee Bright is the only one that had a real grassroots network. Richard Cash had a few avid supporters, along with Nancy Mace, but it was all Lee Bright.

I will say this, people (including myself) thought that more challengers couldn't hurt since you couldn't split the vote in SC. Well, there's another way it could hurt. Lee Bright was the real deal. If it was just Lee Bright and Lindsey Graham, Bright would have had a larger grassroots network. Freedomworks, Ron Paul, Justin Amash, and others would have also jumped in the race to endorse and stump.

Lindsey Graham avoided the runoff by about 18,000 votes. It is what it is. And now the Democrats are thinking Graham is vulnerable in the general election this November. The 45% of people who voted against Graham, how many will vote for him? That's the question.

After all the failures....

After all the failures of the U.S. Military, and the lies and false promises of the last 65 years, why does anyone even believe or care or support the Military anymore?

There will be no progress in this Country until the day comes where all these people living near Military Colleges, Military Bases, all refuse to particpate, refuse to attend, refuse to be involved.

We have the power to prevent Wars. Just don't show up.

I wouldn't vote Dem BUT

There is a Libertarian candidate running in the race. I would encourage every anti-Graham voter to vote for the Libertarian and let it play out.

What little chance there is of defeating Graham in the general

election lies in throwing all support behind either the Democrat challenger OR the Libertarian but not both.

About a third of South Carolina voters will vote Democrat no matter WHO the candidate is (does Alvin Greene ring a bell?). About 2% will naturally vote Libertarian.

Makes a lot more sense to cast your lot with the Democrats here as opposed to the Libertarian to have any chance at all.

On principle, I'll vote for

On principle, I'll vote for the Libertarian. What you say also makes sense, I wouldn't disparage anyone who took your advice as well. Lindsey Graham...Democrats...no difference.

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He not only beat each one

He not only beat each one, but he beat the whole of them together.

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Others should have chosen one

and all joined together to defeat Graham.

Too many candidates

I think that is what happened to Dr. Brennan in NC...when 7 people run, the votes get so divided that the regular sheeple simply vote for the known name and he/she ends up with the majority...
Just wondering if it is a tactic used deliberately to help the incumbent.

None of the big national Tea Party PACs that would have

typically funded anybody who is going against the Queen Of All NeoCons, gave much of anything to any of the opposing candidates because none seemed to be a clear favorite.

These PACs might be flush with cash but they aren't going to give it to the opposition when the opposition hasn't even solidified to a single candidate.

If the also-ran Republicans really cared about unseating Graham as opposed to some fantastic chance at sitting in a Senate seat themselves, four of the five should have dropped out. After all, all of them lost.

Choices are simple.

#1. If I drop out of the race I will not be a US Senator.
#2. If I don't drop out of the race, I will not be a US Senator and Graham will win again.

votings got to be rigged

S.C. had extreemly low voter turn out rate yesterday, the only people excited about voting where those voting against graham

No matter if we dont like him nor his terrible debating skill

yep. that's right. Graham wins anyway so you don't get your constitution American now sit down and shut up!

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Sounds like a set up...

I don't like pushing unprovable conspiracies, but it seems odd that there were 6 republicans running against him. I wouldn't be surprised if a few were running just trying to thin out the vote so Graham could win.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

That's exactly how the game works

Dilute the anti-Establishment vote

We need to get away from putting all of our chips on the GOP

We see what working through the GOP does, at least in states like SC where people who boo Ron Paul for reciting the Golden Rule dominate the party.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

That was my initial thought

That was my initial thought too. However, if you are getting more than 50% of the vote, it doesn't matter if you are running against 1 person or 100.

South Carolina loves their big government Senator, as long as he is "against" Obama.

Too many candidates.

The tea party needs to stick with just one guy.

There is a libertarian running in the general election

Against graham

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As I understand it,

Thomas Ravenel will be running as an independent. T-Rav endorsed Ron Paul in 2012.

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GEEZUS!!!!! SC has to be


SC has to be filled with numbskulls.

I will never drive through that state again.

I told you people

that Gomer Graham wasn't going to be defeated in this huge evangelical apostate Zionist state. Graham stands for everything they believe in, to protect their idol Israel at all costs. Also, the Rothschild Zionist Banksters, love to have a gentile promoting their agenda to keep the people from realizing their Judaic game, and the reason they let Cantor, the majority leader, be defeated. The only real chance of defeating Graham, would have been to have somebody come out stating he had a homosexual relationship with Graham, as the evangelicals are staunchly against homosexuality.