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Ode to Lee Bright & the Surfing Parable

All surfers and travelers want to ride the biggest wave. All of us enjoy that.

And that we expect, or at least hope for, the biggest, most perfect wave ever, every time we paddle out to the break...sometimes it doesn't pan out.

But every bad surfing day is still a good day.

I say, enjoy every wave and more importantly, ride the tide and own it.

The tide has many, many small waves and it never ceases, and yes, there is the occasional large wave, regardless.

Tuesday's big wave was Cantor being ousted.

Smaller, but consistent waves were Lee Bright taking a 14% chunk and representing a 42% chunk against Lindsey Graham.

And MS last week and the other primaries to come.

Nigel Farage WON the UK/EU MEP. Cantor is gone!

This is happening people, perhaps just not as fast as we all want.

I love Lee Bright and the trifecta ( VA MS SC ) would have been awesome, but somehow, I see success in all this, not defeat or disappointment.

I am a patient and persistent man.

This tide is turning and it's 'Surf's Up!'

...and to you Mr Lee Bright...You did good! Thank you for trying!

Alone, the amount of people you have woken up with your message is a great success story!

The fight is not over and we have not lost.

For Liberty

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Baby Boomers

The majority of the GOP'ers have hit the age of complete closed mindedness. They are vast in numbers and vote. I am still awestruck that Graham would come away without a run off.

So am I Teke

I suspect the problem was 6 contenders. None backed off and endorsed prior to the Primary.

I think Lee's one single mistake (or his campaign management) was to not unite Nancy, Richard, Det, et. al behind himself. Or at least attempt to.

Perhaps he tried, I don't know. I hope he did.

If it was just Lee Bright and Lindsey Graham debating for the 1 hour, there might have been outright defeat.

I want to believe that.

Lee, go for a House seat in two years. Please!

We'll take you anywhere your voice will be heard.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul