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Ted Cruz sheds Canadian citizenship. What a con.


Obviously he is planning a run for president, and is going to fool the populous with this ploy.

(sigh) Let's get this straight. There is a difference between what is required for US Citizenship, and what is required to become President!!!

To become PRESIDENT, one has to have BOTH parents be US Citizens, AND be born on US soil (which can count territories or military bases, etc). This was always so stupid about the Obama eligibility issue. It didn't MATTER where he was born, because based upon the birth cert. that HE, himself presented, he was INeligible due to the fact that ONE of his parents was NOT a US citizen. Even if he had been born in Kansas.... the fact that ONE of his parents was not a US citizen should have disqualified him. Of course, by keeping the public running around on the WHERE of his birth, he was able to present in plain site, the disqualifying factor and nobody noticed, and he laughed all the way to the election!!!

So now we have Cruz, who not ONLY was BORN on Canadian soil, but ALSO had one parent who was NOT a US citizen (his father was Cuban). So no matter which criteria you use, he is ineligible.

Same goes for Mark Rubio. He WAS born on American soil, but BOTH of his parents were Cuban citizens. Therefore he is also ineligible.

This is not rocket science.... but the American people are so ignorant and so easily lead that I am sure that BOTH of these men will be dividing the vote and running for president, without a peep to be heard.

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It's to continue setting

It's to continue setting precedents. Eventually, someone of any nationality can simply be our president if this keeps on. I would think globalist agenda.


You nailed it.

It's NOT Rocket Science, for sure....

....Yet there are those lurking here that try to muddy the waters surrounding that simple fact.

Are they:

It does make you wonder.

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Stoned? NOT YET

But I'm sure some punishment is coming their way, possibly biblical. :)

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I don't even understand the argument? Whenever someone disputes this fact, they never give an answer as to why he is eligible.

Molting would be a better word

For this snake.

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