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Price of Pot: $45 per Eighth, Plus Your Second Amendment Rights

" KOMO, the ABC affiliate in Seattle, notes the ticklish situation confronting gun owners who might like to try some newly legal marijuana after Washington’s state-licensed pot stores begin opening next month: If they do so, they lose their Second Amendment rights. Or so says the Gun Control Act of 1968, which makes it illegal for an “unlawful user” of “any controlled substance” to own a gun. KOMO describes the case of Bobbi Jo Floyd, a Richland resident who was denied a handgun carry permit a few months ago because she was known to be a medical marijuana user.


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And if you didn't see this one coming

you are blind. Perhaps worse, marijuana doesn't cure blindness or stupid.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Wait but if the law says any

Wait but if the law says any unlawful user and the use of marijuana is legal, than that law should not prevent anyone from carrying as they have became lawful users. Are they not?

Finally HOME! For Good!
I am an Oath Keeper
I am an Agnostic
I am a father and I want my children to know true freedom in their lifetime.

The wild wild west.

Watch out for those gun totin' potheads gonna shoot up Chitown when they get high & go violent. I'm shakin' in my boots. Better get me a bullet proof vest. Between them & the Chicago Police Dept., a fella could get killed up here. I'd be more worried about the cops. They actually practice both at the range & on live people. They kill everyone they hit. Less paperwork. No investigations. No lawsuits. The potheads would take too long if they even could draw their weapon. They'd probably offer you a joint & talk about peace before running off to get a cheeseburger & coke.

Which is Why...

Which is why they wanted your medical records under Obamacare...


Then every alcohol-consuming American should be disarmed.

And $45 for an eighth?! C'mon now. That product better have been cured for at least 2 years to justify that price...

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.