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Remember the Officer Who Killed a Bunch Kittens in Front of Children? He’s Struck Again.

Don't call the cops to rescue baby animals either.. Right now I'm thinking of a place to release 4 baby field I've fostered as well as a couple adults I've caught.. someplace far away from people in a good habitat with a cup of dog food left to tide them over until they get settled... I know.. I know.. =)


June 11, 2014

This is not the first time officer Barry Accorti has been under fire from the locals.

Last year, Accorti, responding to a call about a feral cat shot 5 kittens right in front of the woman who called and her children.

This time the baby animal that Accorti shot in front of children was a raccoon.

According to 19 Action News, Pat Smirnoff claims Accorti shot a baby raccoon, twice, in a trap on Monday in front of three children, one of them her son.

Oddly enough, this shooting happened 1 day shy of the anniversary of the kitten shooting.

Smirnoff had called authorities to help her ‘dispose’ of the raccoon, but had no idea that the officer would show up and shoot it in front of children.

“He knew they were present and didn’t make an effort to go out of his way and not do that in front of my son.” Jenny Roberts said, who lives next door.

Smirnoff said another baby raccoon has been caught, caged and removed from the same yard since this raccoon shooting incident, instead of being shot on sight.

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In Ohio it is illegal to relocate and release

a trapped animal. Besides, relocating is just letting someone else deal with a problem animal. You either have to let it go where you caught it or kill it. Whoever set the trap should have done it themselves (I think it was a neighbor) instead of calling the cops.
A bullet to the head is a fast and humane way to dispatch a problem animal.

I would check under this guys house

I bet he's got other kind of bodies buried under there. What a Psycho

Feminized Culture is the word....

I have personally trapped 6 rats, 8 skunks, 27 ground hogs,on 6 properties in the city of Buffalo NY. The city comes and kills the rats and skunks, and until last year transported the groundhogs, now they shot them also. I doubt that the women had no warning of the coming shot. Least anybody think me 'mean', we have trapped and had 'fixed' over 12 cats, released them back, and purchase $800 per year in 'feral' feed. A lot depends on where you live, we live in the CBD, and here, even some of the people are feral. I am sick of the liberal progressives. Would you like me to let the wide life eat the buildings, or do I get to preserve my property? I have seen the shootings, and the idea you don't want you child exposed is a personal choice. As to this officer and his 'decorum', write his chief and complain, and post it her, with the result. I might help write a second letter, if it fails to modify his behavior in front of children next year.

I would not call the cops for any reason

let alone to get rid of a small animal for me. Can you imagine a
farmer 100 years ago calling the law man to get rid of some kittens.
He would be a laughing stock! Can't people handle anything for themselves any more.

Let the kids look

It will be a good lesson.

We've become a very weak, effeminate culture.

Racoons carry many bad diseases, and should be shot ASAP.

raccoons can carry

rabies and show no ill effect, so yeah shoot them.

deacon's picture

just how?

Does a raccoon get rabies?
We have raised them for many years,and not a one had rabies

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I Think

I think all mammals can get rabies. I had a neighbor whose horse got rabies some years ago, they think from a bat. At least, that's what the vet who put the horse down said. I dunno.

deacon's picture

Even jack?

say it isn't so :)
But,I do question how bats can contract rabies,when their diet is mainly other flying buggers
Things to research.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Same here

We had raccoons living on our property for many years with no outbreaks of rabies in the area.

I'm just tender hearted I guess. I've lost so many loved ones of all types through happenstance that I can't bring myself to take the life of another creature just because it's inconvenient to me.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Its not just rabies

There is a nasty Roundworm, and canine distemper.

Too many people here think that the TV show Grizzly Adams was true.


Growing up in the country..

We did everything and played with everything

My closest brush with possible rabies was skinning out a fox that had been hit by a car. If fox can carry rabies I should have been using gloves but didn't think of that till after I was done.

I did see what might have been a rabid skunk staggering down the road in the middle of the day. prime rabies behavior so I did call the human society to come and check it out.

Oh and one time I find my dog playing with a bat in the back yard. called the human society to check it's status and was told that it was a rabid bat. Even tho my dog had been vaccinated I had to quarantine her at home for 30 days. I wanted to know why since she was vaccinated and he told me the vaccination didn't always work.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists


apparently they grew an immunity. I know a lady that takes care of wild animals especially possums, and she wont deal with raccoons at all because of it. She said they can get rabies and pass it on without it harming the raccoon.