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FBI Director Says Everyone's Photo Probably Won't Land in Database

A Silicon Valley congresswoman grilled FBI Director James Comey about his agency’s development of a facial recognition database Wednesday – but came up short on absolute assurances that ordinary Americans won’t be swept into the system.

The back-and-forth focused on the FBI’s Next Generation Identification program, which aspires to identify suspects with biometric technology, including facial recognition.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., peppered Comey with questions about the program's budding image database during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Among her raft of inquires, Lofgren pointedly asked if drivers license photographs would be included in the database, currently being built and tested.


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Dead people and the unborn exempt.


Free includes debt-free!

Have to learn to read "Bad Guy Speak"

Translating his comment that "probably not everyone's face will be in the database"

in "Bad Guy Speak" MEANS...

"The system is designed to capture the population's face through various intake pathways including the national driver's registry, h2meland s9curity feeds, NCTC feeds and other state feeds. There is an anticipated gap rate of X% (let's say 3-5) and a Y% mismatch error rate. The objective of the program is to have 99.9% of the population captured. Not counting the anticipated gap of x% and the Y% mismatch error rate, we expect that we will have accurately captured by 2015 in the system 92+% of the entire population, but THEREFORE....."

"probably not EVERYONE's (100%) face will be the database."

As your anti-immigration "conservatives" about their states' id laws and Memos of Understanding regarding data exchange with the feds.

Where the hell did they think all those photos come from? It's not about immigration control, it's about national id!