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Meet Dave Brat's 23-year-old campaign manager *updated*

You've probably heard of Dave Brat by now. He's the economics professor who just made history by being the first person to beat a House majority leader in a primary.

But you might not know about Zachary Werrell, his campaign manager who turned 23 last month, interviewed for the gig at a Panera restaurant and has been sleeping on the couch of his mentor. Werrell spoke with the Washington Examiner over the phone from the boisterous Brat victory party. Here are highlights from that conversation:


Update: Ron Paul is on The Independents tonight - Talking about how Zach was inspired to get into politics by Ron Paul. Good kid!

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Perhaps we should reach out

Perhaps we should reach out to the Brat campaign in support of his campaign manager.

or an interview?

or an interview?

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The saddest yahoo comment is

The saddest yahoo comment is one guy pointing out that Cantor had $5 million dollars to spend and this guy had $125k and he praised his victory. He had 1 upvote and 7 downvotes.
This country I tell you

Southern Agrarian

Lew Rockwell, Silver, Mises Inst.... are we mainstream now?

Scoop of the century there, Yahoo.

The Facebook postings were either taken down or made private overnight Tuesday in the wake of Brat's win, but Yahoo News took screenshots of some of the remarks before they were removed from view. A cached version of Werrell's page remained available on Google as of midday Wednesday.


A request for comment from the Brat campaign was not immediately returned.

I can see how this panned out.
Yahoo Writer: Hey intern! Cantor just lost, lets dig up some juicy story about this Brat guy's campaign to try to smear him. Facebook, pronto!
Yahoo Intern: Ooh I think I found something. His campaign manager has erased posts since Tuesday to try and hide his secret radical beliefs. I have screenshots to prove it.
Yahoo Writer: To the front page! This is groundbreaking news the world must see, how these radicals have knocked poor eric cantor out of congress.

Southern Agrarian

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Werrell, Architect of Stunning Eric Cantor Upset

23-Year-Old Haverford College Grad Is Architect of Stunning Eric Cantor Upset
Zachary Werrell, who graduated from Haverford just last year, engineered Dave Brat’s win over House majority leader.
By Dan McQuade | June 11, 2014 at 10:38 am
Behind this stunner? Zachary Werrell, 23, managed Brat’s campaign to victory in only his second paid politics job. This time last year, Werrell was graduating from Haverford College. He was operating using a flip phone he purchased at Wal-Mart: “The cheapest one I could find,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Werrell graduated from Haverford with a Bachelors in political science and economics. His only job before was working for Mark Berg, who won his race for a seat in Virginia's House of Delegates last year. "I am Dave Brat's campaign manager to take out Eric Cantor in the Republican Primary," Werrell writes on his LinkedIn page. "I do everything listed in my previous job, but with 10 times greater frequency and intensity." He was one of just two paid staffers on the campaign.

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23 y/o Campaign Manager Werrell is an Austrian!

Campaign Manager, Austrian Economics geek, aspiring political & economic writer, politico, and businessman. Opinions are my own. Except those from the Minitru

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