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Dad said son, Jared Miller, campaigned for Barack Obama

Tod Miller said his son had supported President Barack Obama’s election, then became disillusioned with what he considered “big government.” In the conversation this spring, Miller said his son told him “when it happens make sure everybody knows that I am a patriot and a revolutionary and I fight for the Second Amendment, fighting against tyranny.” Miller said his son became concerned the federal government would repeal the Second Amendment, and would approach police officers to ask them what they would do if they were ordered to confiscate weapons.


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He clearly was not that bright.

He clearly was not that bright and with the tension these days I'm surprised this does not happen more. My hunch is he was on drugs and under the influence of a naive and reckless woman. And his anger against law enforcement came from his personal experience with them.

Jared Miller Campaigned For Barack Obama

So it was his disillusionment with Barack Obama that led him to become an irrational killer. I'm sure CNN will be covering this also.

Brief video here:


Yes im sure

they will be covering this too, They must have missed it, Silly them.