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Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield — Until Her Father Guns Them Down

Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield — Until Her Father Guns Them Down

Chuck Ross, Reporter
11:57 PM 06/10/2014

A St. Louis couple is likely thankful to have guns in their home after they were forced to use them to defend their daughter against two men Monday night.

The men, one of whom had an extensive rap sheet, confronted the couples’ 17-year-old daughter after she stepped outside of the house to go to her car, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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Favorite comment from that story:

A message for all pro gun control liberals:

If you want gun control, let your feelings be known. Join other liberals who are proudly putting up signs in the front windows of their homes or on their lawns that say: "This home is a gun free zone". And if you really want to 'show your pride', illuminate your sign.

Why not stand up proudly for your anti gun beliefs and let your neighbors, strangers and virtually anyone else passing by your house in the middle of the night know exactly how YOU stand on this issue?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

A European...

friend of mine asked me about guns in America. He lives in Sweden and says that he couldn't imagine having a gun in his home.

Stories like this is why I love America. The family had the ability to defend themselves from murderous thugs.

Go Dad!! What an awesome story. I hope that young lady gets what she needs for the trauma she endured!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

If your Swedish friend lived in St. Louis...

his imagination would quickly expand.
I grew up in the St. Louis area. The Bevo Mill area, if I remember right used to be referred to as "The Hill," or as my dad used to call it "Dago Hill." It was an Italian neighborhood back in the late 1930's and later. Dad said if you weren't Italian, you would get hassled there. The guys didn't want outsiders dating the Italian girls. Anyway, when the news listed the thugs' names and their home being north St. Louis, photos of the men confirmed what I concluded.
Thugs need to learn combat field dressing skills because if you are not killed on the spot, you will get picked up at the hospital.
This guy was one more I don't mind at all.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson


First, I wouldn't assume that the young lady experienced the most trauma in this situation. Quite possibly it might be the father, who not only killed someone, but came close to losing a child, or the mother who (most likely) was panicked about both children and the father at the same time.

At any rate, in these situations, trauma is not a given, and may come later, in hindsight.

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truer words have never been written...

I have a little girl that I love dearly. I worry about her every single day. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do to make sure my child was safe and secure.

My fatherly instinct was to worry about the young lady...

I am a Dad of a really good one after all. <3

(just to clarify, I wouldn't go through any trauma other than extreme relief that I was able to defeat these scumbags that threatened my family.)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul