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Rand Paul meets with nutjob Bloomberg Pro Amnesty group day after Cantor goes down because of Amnesty

What Nutjob advisors is Rand Paul listening to?

He is not helping build the base he needs with these kinds of events, the establishment will never vote or endorse Rand.

I'm a big supporter of Rand but amnesty is not an area he is going to win points on.

He is getting called out by a website he had huge support on not a few months ago.

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Democrates morphed into Socialist.

They all jump on the Saul Alinsky socialist band wagon doctrine mass immigration included in that doctrine . Obama is a Marxist. Never hand feed a socialist liberal. They will bite your hand. When they get vicious or they don't get they way.

Money talks and dogs bark

That reminds me of the story

That reminds me of the story that lady who said she knew Obama years ago told about him.

Obama would be acting all friendly and polite to bum a cigarette, and as soon as the person finally relented, Obama would snatch it out of his hand without a word and turn and walk off.

Stealing Democrat votes, that

Stealing Democrat votes, that bastard.

Southern Agrarian

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Not really

Just because you're with them on one issue doesn't mean they're ever going to vote for him in a million years.

What you said is akin to Ted Cruz expressing support for "Audit the Fed" and me saying, "He's stealing votes from the Liberty movement."

Really? He supports one token issue and he's going to steal votes? I don't think so.

The fact of the matter is that Rand is just being realistic about his job, which is trying to govern what is fast becoming an ungovernable country.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

I agree with Rand's version of 'Amnesty'

There is a big difference. Rand is not for giving citizenship/voting rights to illegal immigrants or giving free benefits. He is for providing them permit to work legally, make them pay taxes and healthcare, etc. like any other citizen. This approach counters Democrats agenda.

yeh- but that requires actually reading and understanding

something people even on this website are not capable of.

They also fail to realize that Rand has zero chance of winning in 2016 if he does not pull minority votes - it is simple math. So he gives up 1% of the die hard vote to get 5% of the minority vote. Seems a good plan to me.

There seems to be an

aweful lot of trolls popping up on this site. I wonder what the establishment is so afraid of ??

Ron Swanson

Are you saying I am a troll??

Just looking to clarify


People in the comments are eating him alive. I don't blame them.

He better come out and explain himself ASAP or his image could turn to sh** fast.

Unless he has something far up his sleeve, this seems like a rather sketchy subject to be pressing so soon after the Virginia election. Even if that win wasn't from the anti-amnesty voters.

I think Cantor's loss killed amnesty

There is not a republican in DC that'll pick that will push that through.

Maybe Paul waited until it was completely dead and figured he could swindle some Bloomberg people that are hoping he can bring it back.

Though I agree, the stanlishment will never get behind him.

I think amnesty is off the table now. No way it'll get through.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

Amnesty is not dead

Whoever they pick to replace Cantor as majoirty leader will probably be a pro amnesty progressive rhino.

You are correct. Boehner himself said his primary interest is

"continuity". That may not be his exact word, but he made it REAL CLEAR that he was going to find a "Kantoresque thinker" to support.