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In It To Win It?

Political power is dangerous. I personally would never pursue it, but I think there could a place for other people in the freedom movement to use it, as long as they do it for the right reasons. Let's just get this in our heads... America cannot be saved. It's mathematically impossible to fix the debt problem, and it's just completely impractical to think that you will actually be able to convince the power players that own the government that they should give up their power. Besides that, political power is like a poison. It can corrupt even the most noble of men.

As long as we can agree that the proper role of political campaigns is to educate people and bring them closer to supporting true freedom, then we're okay... but the minute you start telling me that we're actually going to take the "ring of power" and reform the government... I'm out.

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If Rand gets elected, i think

If Rand gets elected, i think some of us would become Jaded the second he makes a bad decision. Power corrupts, who can say what we would day if we attained that position.

Southern Agrarian