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Left-Right Activists Push Con-Con at Mt. Vernon Assembly's Indiana Confab

The MVA is a major player in the network of “progressive” and “conservative” activists who are working together in an effort to create a groundswell of public support for an Article V constitutional convention to amend and revise the U.S. Constitution. As The New American’s Christian Gomez pointed out recently (“Working Together to Rewrite the Constitution”), the coalition is an odd assortment of collaborators that includes prominent radicals who are anything but friendly to the limited, constitutional government crafted by our Founding Fathers, and who are downright hostile to, for instance, the Second Amendment protections for the individual right to keep and bear arms.

One of the Left’s big guns in the Article V Con-Con movement is Harvard Law Professor (and Obama adviser) Lawrence Lessig. Another is Professor Mary Penrose of Texas A&M Law School, who believes “there is not a single amendment that is absolute ... no constitutional right is sacred.” And, of course, she bears a special hatred for the Second Amendment, which millions of Americans see (as did the Founding Fathers) as the palladium protecting all our other rights.