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One Debate Comment CNN Did Not Publish

Although CNN posted about 2000 comments, there were apparently many left out. Mine is still "awaiting moderation" a day later.

Here is what I wrote:

Since the moderator PROMISED to give Ron Paul time to answer the question on conservative credentials, and then did not give it to him, I suggest CNN should give Dr. Paul a chance to answer it in prime time tomorrow, BEFORE super Tuesday.

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Yeah, that was upsetting to

Yeah, that was upsetting to see RP try to be forceful and speak up and get a word in and then Anderson Copper silenced him and told him he'd have a chance in a couple minutes to answer the question, then like the lying jerk he is, he never allowed RP to answer the question. I'm glad RP tried to get a word in when he was being ignored, but hate the fact AC cut him off.
Anyone else notice they let all the other candidates except RP talk about the illegal immigration issue?