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FL Prison Guards Boil Mentally Ill Inmate Alive, Don’t Get Charged with a Crime

Last week, the Miami Herald reported on the truly shocking story of Darren Rainey—a mentally ill, non-violent drug offender, who was tortured to death by guards. This story is not only tragic, but is also perfectly illustrative of several major problems in the United States prison system.


Prison authorities declared that Rainey’s official cause of death was “heart failure.” While it is technically true that heart failure was the cause of death (similar to how getting shot in the heart technically causes heart failure), this fails to take into account the fact that Rainey’s heart stopped because he went into shock after sustaining third degree burns to large portions of his body.

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Does anyone know where to find these scums names ?

or any names associated w/this prison? (just post below!)

Yes and their names and

Yes and their names and everyone, everything associated with them should be spread across the internet far and wide.

That'll slow the mofo's a down awhile

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So this brings us up to a tie

with Uzbekistan.


There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

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Read before but worth a re-

Read before but worth a re- bump!

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Sick and Sadistic

This needs to get more attention. Bump and upvote.

This is a repost,

But this is the kind of story that needs as much attention as possible.

This article has

reduced me to tears! What is wrong with people today? Bye, guys. "See" you tomorrow; I cannot handle right now taking the chance of reading something else that may be just as horrific...

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