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MEMO to the U.S. Congress: Can we please just let the 7th Century fight with the 7th Century?

This tribal warefare has been going on since long before we were founded as a nation.

Don't these idiots like McCain and Graham think that our great founders knew this???

WHERE is it written anywhere in our founding documents that one of the responsibilities of the United States was to go around the world policing despots, tyrants and dictators???

It's not there ANYwhere.

If John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity and Peter King are so "concerned" about the goings-on in the middle east, then they are free to grab some guns and get their fat asses over there and join in the fight.

But to advocate sending more young American soldiers, sailors and airmen over there while they and their fat guts sit safely in their posh Senate or Congressional offices is the height of immorality.

Remember, after U.S. Marine barracks was bombed in Lebanon and many soldiers were killed, Reagan could have started World War III.

But he packed up and came home because he very wisely stated, "I don't understand the Middle Eastern mind."

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Reading this: "U.S. Marine barracks was bombed"

I realized that the administration is a psy-op: "barrack, o, bomb, ah".

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Wow! Never even crossed my mind...

Wow! Never even crossed my mind...

Beware the cult of "government"...

7th Century? Perhaps Fire Arrows? A Canon Centuries Later?

Picture of earliest known European cannon. Muslim Armies Prepare Fire Arrows. Muslim armies prepared and used fire arrows to be shot from a canon with gunpowder.

Gun and Gunpowder coming from China on the Silk Road

Gunpower: Along with the silk and paper, gunpowder is another invention by Chinese. Transported on the Silk Road, it came through the east to the west. The dating of gunpowder is as early as 850 A.D. (mid 9th Century). This invention seems to have been discovered in China by accident - by alchemists seeking the elixir of immortality. This earliest account reported the experiment: "some have heated together the saltpeter, sulfur and carbon of charcoal with honey; smoke and flames result, so that their hands and faces have been burnt, and even the whole house burnt down."

The gunpowder used for military purpose was first recorded in 919 A.D. (10th Century). By the 11th century, explosive bombs filled with gunpowder and fired from catapults were introduced and used in China. The words "fire cannon", "rocket", "missile" and "fireball" appeared time and again in the official Song history as well as two other books written during the same period. The first detailed description of using "firing cannon" in warfare was in connection with a battle fought in 1126 when the Song army used it against the invading Nuchens. The so-called fire cannon was a tube made oif bamboo filled with gunpowder which, when fired, threw a flaming missile towards the enemy. Since the barrel was made of bamboo, the f lying missile could not cover a long distance. According to a description of a battle scene in 1132, it took two persons to carry a "fire cannon", and the cannons were fired from a moving platform after it had been moved close to the wall of the besieged city. http://www.silk-road.com/artl/gun.shtml

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Good Idea. Memo to U.S

Good Idea. Memo to U.S Congress: We WILL let the 7th century fight with the 7th century.

Not Tribal but Sectarian

Most if not all of the strife in the Middle East is due to the Sunni (Saudi-Qatar-Kuwait-most of Paki & Indonesia) vs. Shia (Iran-most of Iraq-Bahrain) schism.

Saudi supports the reiging government in Syria primarily due to religious affiliation. Iran is supporting the insurgency.

The ruling monarchy in Bahrain is Sunni, but the majority of the population is Shia. Saudi troops came across the causeway to support the ruling class during the last uprisings.

Iran is very friendly with

Iran is very friendly with Syria and Assad. The foreign insurgency is supported by the Saudis.

Correction Noted

attributable to too much whiskey.

I believe the point is still valid. While much of the Middle East is still a feudal (tribal) society, the strife there is primarily along religious lines.

It's all good Achilles-Another word which comes to mind is Clan

There are many words for different groups which band together for a common cause or common goal.

Today in the U.S. we call them Unions!

I worked in a union for a while and the word "tribe" came to mind oftentimes when I observed their mentality.

They often used thug-like or mob-like tactics to impose their will.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Technically, Sectarian may be somewhat more correct...

...but by using the word tribal, I was implying how far back into history this fighting and conflict has been going on.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


and agreed. Reasonable folk don't hold a grudge for centuries.

And your real point - let them sort their own mess out, as long as we are left to trade in peace and for prosperity, with all - is valid.

All in favor...



and here's the reason why:


And, in spite of the difference in faith, the Christians in Syria are actually requesting aid from Voice of the Martyrs for their Muslim countrymen who are of the minority faction:


Where they were once called infidels, they are now being called affectionately, 'The Bible People'. Paradigm shift, indeed!

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I'd second this motion!

I'd second this motion!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain